3 Renovations That Can Cut Your Business Energy Bill

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3 Renovations That Can Cut Your Business Energy Bill


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Everything in business comes down to the bottom line, including the condition of your building. That’s why it is important to keep up with you buildings maintenance. While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if your offices are rarely visited by your customers, the condition of your offices and other physical spaces can slowly be leaching away your profits if they are not maintained.

In order to help you understand the huge effect proper maintenance can have on your business, we have put together this post of the most cost effective steps you can take to maintain your spaces.

Repair and Replace Your Windows

Commercial window repair and replacement can have a huge effect on the amount of overhead expenses you are paying. In fact, the best windows can save you between 10% and 25% on your energy bills. That means each month you are losing a significant portion of your profit because you are refusing to look window installers to perform your commercial window repair or commercial window replacement.

Upgrade your HVAC

While having a window company come in can help you drive down your energy costs can help you save on your energy bill, it won’t be very effective if your HVAC system is out of date. Replacing your HVAC with an Energy Star rated unit can help you push your costs down an additional 30%.

Install Smarter Roofing

Installing a more energy efficient roof can go a long way to reduce the amount of energy use your building requires. That is because a roof that is lighter in color will help you to reflect the sunlight, unlike a traditional asphalt roof, the dark color of which will absorb heat. These lighter roofs will help keep your building cooler without needing to use air conditioning in the first place.

According to the Department of Energy, 45% of the typical energy bill will go towards energy. Taking smart steps while maintaining your business can help you substantially reduce this amount, which means that you are spending less money on your energy bill.

A good commercial window repair, upgrading your HVAC, and choosing a roof that will help you beat the heat are all good steps for reducing your energy bill.

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