Hanging Vinyl Record Albums on Your Wall

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Hanging Vinyl Record Albums on Your Wall


Most aluminum frames manufactured these days are sturdy and hurricane-safe. But even if they’re built to last, aluminum is still metal. And metal frames will still be prone to corrosion and rust over time – even if they’re high-quality ones.

This brings us to the point that vinyl is still better when it comes to framing your windows and doors.

Vinyl frame doors and windows can complement your home’s glass walls. But apart from this fact, vinyl will also not peel or chip, and you’ll find that it’s able to retain its color for a long time. Therefore, you won’t have to repaint it as you would when aluminum frames fade.

While aluminum is generally sturdier than vinyl, it can lose its beautiful luster and color due to natural wear and tear over time. The former can also withstand strong, blunt force and has a higher resistance to impact. Still, vinyl is not easily worn out by natural elements.

And as gorgeous as it is to have vinyl doors and windows, you can also hang your vinyl records to decorate your music room, bedroom, den, or even the living room.

In this video by Gilly Nova, he explains the advantages of vinyl frames and how easy they are to set up. From how much a vinyl record costs to the proper way of placing your record inside the frame, Gilly discusses them all in the video.

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