Learn How to Install Your Roof Shingles

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Learn How to Install Your Roof Shingles


Need some new shingles on your roof, but don’t want a local roofer to come and install them? The YouTube channel, CCXteriors, shows viewers how they can install roofing on their own time and dime.

First you’ll need to attach the drip edge along the eave of your roof. It needs to be secured with nails every 12 to 16 inches, and partially cut where it will cover the tip of the roof.

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You may need to cut the drip edge in certain ways for it to fit along corners.

Next is installing the felt. This part will need to be secured using plastic caps, spaced apart every eight inches for windy areas, or 16 inches if wind is not an issue. Other layers of felt should overlap the bottom layer from the crest of the roof.

When installing the starter strip and shingles, each should overlap each other by about an eighth of an inch over the roof edge. The starter strips go on first along the eave and rake, and then the shingles should be attached in a step-pyramid pattern as shown in the video. Clean off any remaining debris after all shingles are attached.

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