Four Tips from Home Interior Designers to Bring Beauty Back into Your Home

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Four Tips from Home Interior Designers to Bring Beauty Back into Your Home


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How your home looks can affect so many different things. For instance, did you know that orange colored walls in your kitchen can make you more likely to eat more? It doesn’t stop with color psychology either. How your furniture is set up can make it feel like you have no space, resulting in you feeling cramped. Whatever negative feelings your poor interior home design is making you feel, you should know that with some simple tips from home interior designers, you can breathe new life into your home, changing the way you feel about it for the better.

Put the Flare Back into Your Home with These Simple Home Interior Design Ideas

  • Use Contrasting Furniture Covers
  • As the home interior layout designers with HouseBeautiful write, furniture coverings and decorations can either be great for the look of your home, or they can make it appear completely drab. Using covers that contrast with your drapes and curtains, for example, can really make things pop.

  • Make Your Rooms Look Bigger with the Right Colors
  • Are you aware that the colors in everything from your modern wallcoverings to your custom designed furniture can affect how big your rooms look? As Freshome’s community of home interior designers suggests, using lighter, softer colors can trick your eyes into thinking the space is larger.

  • Get Ideas from Your Favorite Designer’s Page
  • For, one of the best ways to get inspiration for transforming your home is by taking a look at your favorite designer’s webpage. What colors or furniture setups do they like to use? Try bringing some of that into your own design and decorating work. If you don’t feel like you can capture their aesthetic, why not hire them to do it for you?

  • Bring a Little Life into Your Home
  • Few things will bring more life into your home like some plant life, as suggested by Lifestyle Home. Plants not only put some much needed color into the home space, they also filter and clean the air. There’s really not anything quite like the smell of fresh air in the home to make you happy to live there.

Are you an interior home designer? What simple tips would you give homeowners looking to capture some whimsy in their homes? Let us know in the comment section below. Continue your research here.

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