Fire Damage RestorationJust the Beginning

Cleaning smoke damage off plastic

Fire damage restoration is a long, expensive, and grueling process. Any structure damaged or destroyed by fire will need an inspections done by insurance companies and an immense amount of paperwork to be completed before cleanup and reconstruction can begin. On average, there are about 374,000 home fires every year. Fortunately, most or all lending companies require that when home buyers purchase their home, they insure it for a certain amount before even getting to the closing table. Typically, proof of insurance must be presented when a home is sold.

So, a structure, whether it be a single family home, a commercial building, an apartment development, or any number of other types of framework is insured; therefore, the owner can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that, eventually, there will be some kind of restoration of losses. In the meantime, however, depending on the extent of the damage not only to the structure itself, but damage to whatever property was inside the home or building, owners must try to salvage whatever they can from the debris. Loss of clothing, furniture, and personal belongings can also amount to catastrophic numbers if the damage is extensive enough. Again, fortunately these things are usually insured as well. Fire damage restoration will be completed, however timely and costly it may be.

After a fire, smoke damage cleaning companies are available to come in and clean the site with industrial strength equipment and cleaners. They are trained and experienced and are able to restore the home or the building almost to its original shape, depending on the extent of the damage. If the damage was too pervasive, there may be rebuilding involved, which would require the assistance of fire damage restoration companies and even construction companies.

Major damage can also be caused by water. In putting out a fire, gallons upon gallons of water are used, which can cause as much damage as the fire itself. Water in the home caused by flooding or sewage backup is also a common problem which will require flood water cleanup or sewage cleanup services. Statistics show that approximately 20% of insurance claims are the result of some kind of water damage. The cost of water damage and mold to insurance companies can exceed 2.5 billion dollars every year.

Basement flood cleanup is a major concern of homeowners because, if the area flooded isn’t dried and cleanup up within the first 24 to 48 hours, mold can begin to grow. Mold itself is a very expensive proposition, even if flooding or sewage backup wasn’t the immediate cause. It is estimated that 98% of homes in the United States will experience some type of flooding or water damage in their basement during the life of the home.

Homeowners living in high risk flood zones normally take seriously flood cleanup tips and are aware of them before flooding happens. It is wise to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of local professionals who are adept at flood cleanup procedures. In addition, but no less important, is making sure to have flood insurance. Insurance claims for water damage usually run about $6,965.00.