Behind The Importance Of Maintaining And Repairing Your Chimney Here In The United States

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Behind The Importance Of Maintaining And Repairing Your Chimney Here In The United States


Chimneys and fireplaces are certainly common in homes all throughout the United States. Many an older home has at least one functional chimney and fireplace, with many having even more than one throughout the home (though this will, of course, depend on a number of different factors, such as the size of the home itself). Even many new homes are constructed with fireplaces in them. In New England, this is the case in very nearly three quarters of all homes (around 74%, to be more exact) and is also the case in nearly 40% of all new homes that are being constructed in the mountain states here in the United States. For many people, having a fireplace in the home is a great priority when they are looking into homes to potentially buy.

But there’s more to it than just getting any old fireplace, as anyone in the field of chimney repair or chimney service can likely attest to. After all, fireplaces come in more varieties than many people might realize, at least at first. For instance, masonry fireplaces are particularly high quality fireplaces, as they are not prefab and factory made. Prefab fireplaces are the other type of commonly found fireplace here in the United States, and can still have quite a considerable period of longevity, even if they are not quite as durable and as high quality as other varieties of fireplace, such as the aforementioned masonry fireplaces found throughout the country.

Masonry fireplaces are quite durable for a number of reasons. For one, considerable attention is usually paid to their construction, something that is hugely beneficial to their longevity and overall quality even as a good deal of time passes. They are also incredibly hardy structures in and of themselves, as these fireplaces typically weight anywhere from six tons to even seven tons when their construction has been completed, something that can be attributed to the use of materials like bricks, stone blocks, and the use of mortar in both cases.

But there’s even more variety to fireplaces all around the world than even just that. In addition to the various materials used to build fireplaces, the materials that are actually burned by these fireplaces also varies considerably. Wood burning fireplaces, once commonplace and standard for fireplaces throughout the country, are being phased out in favor of the gas fireplace. Some fireplaces that once burned wood are even being totally converted become oil burning fireplaces instead.

However, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to safely and successfully convert a wood burning fireplace into an oil burning one – especially if you want to avoid the need for chimney repair in the future. In fact, the average chimney should be fully dampered in order to convert it from wood burning to oil burning, something that might actually even be required by the local building codes in your area. A failure to do so could all too easily lead to the need for chimney repair services and gas fireplace service.

In order to avoid the need for chimney repair services, chimney cleaning services should also be hired on. This is important for any given chimney, but especially to avoid chimney repair in a chimney that Is being switched over from wood burning to gas burning. This is due to the fact that any creosote will need to be removed from the chimney, as adding gas burning logs in – and using them – before this has been done can lead to chimney damage the need for what can often be quite expensive chimney repair services.

Fortunately, however, chimney repair services and the need for chimney repair in the first place can be wholly and almost completely avoided just through the use of regular servicing from professional chimney cleaning companies. Chimneys and fireplaces, particularly gas burning ones, should also be inspected on a regular basis, in order to fix small problems as they arise and not after they grow more pronounced and more difficult – and certainly more costly – to fully repair.

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