Baby, It’s Cold Inside Preemptive Furnace Repair

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Baby, It’s Cold Inside Preemptive Furnace Repair


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As the weather cools down for the upcoming holiday season, we are reminded that perhaps the most luxurious modern appliance available to us is our heating and cooling systems. Think about the relief when you walk into a large building on a hot summer day, and feel that blast of cold air wafting out. Or that warm, toasty feeling when you come inside from the cold. Just because the weather is getting colder (except maybe for Florida), let’s review what you need to do to avoid furnace repair services this winter.

The terrain across the U.S. varies greatly, from the humid South to the rainy Northwest. Regardless, people clearly prefer to be comfortable. The U.S. heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, referred to as HVAC for convenience, is worth $71 billion and employs over 300,000 people. Heating and cooling units are not all the same though. This means heating and cooling services are different for different types of machines.

If your home has an oil burning furnace, the following problems may occur:

    1. An nonoperational burner.
    2. The burner refuses to fire.
    3. The burner is smoking.
    4. The burner is using too much fuel.

About 60% of homes with furnaces in the U.S. have a gas-fire forced air furnace. Gas furnace repair is a bit different. If your home has one of these heating systems, you might run into one of the following problems:

    1. The furnace is blowing air with no heat.
    2. The furnace turns off and on.
    3. The blower keeps running.
    4. It is very noisy.
    5. The gas furnace will not run at all.

    These problems are fixable. You can do it yourself, of course. But when handling something that will be used day and night for the next few months, it might be wise to have a furnace repair service come take a look at things. Just to be on the safe side.

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