Are Your Trees Ruining Your Sewer? Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Help

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Are Your Trees Ruining Your Sewer? Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Help


Trenchless sewer line repair boston

While many homeowners are very proud of the trees on their properties, there may be a problem lurking underground that can cost thousands of dollars in home and property repairs.

When a tree’s roots descend into the ground, they reach about three feet down into the soil. However, some trees’ roots can spread into the sewer network, cracking pipes and necessitating costly digging to remove the roots and to repair the pipes.

Another threat to underground pipes and sewers are ambient contaminants from the kitchen. Hair and food can sit in pipes, hardening and causing rust to form. This, in turn, acidifies the water and turns it into a virulent liquid that can eat through pipes.

Many homeowners are then forced to get a professional onto the property to do the sewer repair or water pipe repair, costing them hundreds of dollars just to get an inspection performed.

What many homeowners are not aware of is cured in pipe placement technology, or trenchless sewer repair. In the last decade or so, it has become a viable alternative to traditional sewer repair and replacement. When drain repair involves digging up the entire yard and possibly having to unearth pilings that support a deck or porch, costly repairs do not get done and the houses’ sewer systems suffer as a result.

Cured in pipe placement technology only digs up the local area, utilizing sewer cameras to diagnose the exact locations of a fault in the sewer lines. While it does usually require a slightly higher initial investment, many homeowners and business owners choose it out of a desire to lower overall repair costs.

A drain cleaning service should be able to diagnose a sewer system and to inform the homeowner if they need more extensive repairs. Sewer drain cleaning is the first step to alerting the homeowner to potential problems and to being able to avert costly sewer line disaster.

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