Home Invasions And House Fires Two Issues That Steel Windows Can Prevent

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Home Invasions And House Fires Two Issues That Steel Windows Can Prevent


Steel windows and doors

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to abandon the old versions of residential windows and turning to steel window manufacturers. Although this may first strike some as odd, it actually makes a great deal of sense. The benefits of steel windows are mounting in today’s world, and it’s no wonder that people want the security, energy efficiency and durability that steel windows and doors have to offer.

Steel Windows: Security In A Dangerous World

Every 13 seconds, another home invasion is committed; and 30% of burglaries are done through an unlocked window or door. When discussing your options with steel window manufacturers … many of which also offer steel doors … consider the security that they offer. Steel window manufacturers can even demonstrate which of their offerings is the most effective, and can customize windows to suit your specific needs. Something as simple and cost … effective as steel windows can protect you and your property far better than traditional residential windows could.

Preventing House Fires Through Steel Windows And Doors

Obviously, old … fashioned residential windows can be much more flammable than steel products, with one house fire reported every 85 seconds in 2013. Although it’s just one step in the process of making your home less flammable, it’s nevertheless an important one. This way, you’re not only protecting your home from intruders, but the more difficult to prevent phenomenon of house fires.

Steel Windows Keep The Heat You Want Inside Your House

While steel windows help ensure that your house is less prone to fires, there’s still a good deal of heat you pay for and would rather keep inside, especially during harsh winters. While residential windows see a lot of heat loss, steel windows and doors have shown a great of success in keeping your house warm. In fact, they can even maximize solar heat gain.

Preventing Energy Loss With Steel Windows

Steel windows can be manufactured with low … e coatings. Low … e coatings up the price of windows by about 10% to 15%, but can reduce energy loss by 30% to 50%. Energy loss equals the loss of your money. Although you’re making a higher initial investment when buying steel windows with low … e coating, you’re ultimately getting that money back in the amount of energy saved. In fact, Energy Star … certified windows can save households up $126 to $145 a year.

It’s clear that steel windows and doors are superior to traditional residential windows. They’re just as attractive, giving your home a clean, modern look, and can cut down your energy bill. But most importantly, you’ll know that you’re much safer from both intruders and house fires, letting you sleep easy at night.

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