Apartments v Caves

Apartments v Caves


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Many years ago, our ancestors said to themselves, “Hey, I’m sick of foraging for berries while being chased by wolves. Let’s invent cities!” And thus was born one of humankind’s greatest achievements — a densely-packed conglomeration of tall buildings that provide everything humans could possibly need, from shelter to firefighters to Starbucks. Here’s just a small list of the myriad benefits of living in the city.

No Need for a Carriage, Horse-less or Otherwise. Say you live in a forest, but you need to go to Best Buy. You simply have to have a car, because buses are allergic to nature. It’s been scientifically proven. But cities are buses’ natural habitat, and there are enough apartments near public transportation that you could spend the rest of your life in a new-fangled concrete forest and never drive yourself anywhere.

Get Fit Without the Mortal Peril. Our cavemen ancestors were in great shape. But that’s bound to happen when a significant portion of your day is devoted to outrunning things that want to eat you. One of the greatest advantages of city life is the fact that we can choose to exercise, which not only alleviates a lot of stress but also noticeably reduces the palpable stench of constant terror.

Never Having to DIY. We’re not all handymen. Some of us couldn’t pick a flat-head screwdriver out of a police lineup. For those less-than-industrious souls, apartment living is the only way to go. If something breaks, you call the super. If the lawn looks like it needs mowing, just wait a while and the guy they hired to mow it will come by and, you know… mow it. He seems friendly enough, and I think his name is Dan or Dave or something like that. The point is: unless you go out looking for a job fixing and mowing things, you don’t have to fix or mow a darn thing. Apartments, for the win!

The benefits of living in the city are many and varied, whether it’s a calming ride on a city bus, an apartment with gym access, or being able to kick back with a bag of Cheetos and watch someone else exert themselves. The next time you’re not being chased by an animal or battling an angry deer for the last raspberry on a vine, take a moment and thank those intrepid prehistoric ancestors, who stepped out of the cave and said, “Yeah, this is not working…” Read more.

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