5 Smart Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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5 Smart Reasons to Replace Your Windows


It’s understandable to only think about replacing your windows after they receive damage. Most windows will remain effective for a period of 20 years. After that, it’s time to consider having new windows installed. However, window replacement is likely far more beneficial than you think. With that in mind, here are five smart reasons to consider replacing the windows in your home.

  1. Drastically Lowering Your Energy Bills

    While you might only think about the costs, home window replacement can also save money. Drafty windows allow air to escape outside of your home. One study found that drafty windows in a home raises energy bills by 10 to 25%. Therefore, replacing windows will likely reduce the amount of money spent each month to cool or heat your home.
  2. Making Your Home a Safer Place

    There are two ways that older windows make your home potentially dangerous. First, older windows can often warp and become stuck in their grooves. This makes trying to open a window in the event of an emergency nearly impossible. In addition, older windows might have caused nearby areas of your home to become damaged. This could make an easy spot for intruders to begin breaking into your home.
  3. Reducing Noise Entering Your Home

    Your home is a place where you expect to relax. Unfortunately, having noisy neighbors or living near loud areas of a city make this difficult. You’ll find that window replacement solves the problem of noise leakage. In many cases, you’re hearing these noises because your windows aren’t creating a tight seal. Having replacement windows installed should help eliminate outside noises entering your home.
  4. Increasing the Value of Your Property

    Eventually, you’ll find the time is right for selling your home. Before doing this, many real estate experts recommend renovating your property. Don’t worry about these costs going to waste. Renovation costs mean you’ll be able to charge a higher selling price for your home. Many potential buyers love looking for homes that have been renovated. Therefore, having replacement windows installed in your home could increase its attractiveness to potential buyers. If you’re really wanting to increase the value of your home, consider purchasing double paned windows. These windows are twice as strong in regards to keeping internal air from escaping outdoors.
  5. Keeping Weather and Bugs Outside

    Another problem with older windows is that they allow outside elements to enter your home. This could prove problematic should you live in an area known for rain. Even one rainstorm is enough to send large amounts of water into your home. In turn, this could cause water to begin pooling on your carpets. Another problem occurs when small gaps allow bugs and spiders to make their way inside your property. Needless to say, no one enjoys seeing a spider scurry across their walls. Having new windows ensures that outside weather and bugs are unable to get inside.

In closing, there are many benefits associated with window replacement. Before trying to tackle this type of work on your own, contact a home improvement company. Whether needing a window or entry door replaced, home improvement companies can perform these jobs for you. In turn, you’re able to have more time for other matters while having your home renovated.

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