22 Home Improvement Additions That Add Value to a Home

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22 Home Improvement Additions That Add Value to a Home


People decide to invest in home improvement additions to improve a home’s general appearance and functionality or to bring aesthetic value to a home. There are many home remodeling companies on the internet that you can hire to take care of all home improvement additions, or you can choose to practically and manually bring in additions that add value to your home. There are a couple of home improvements that you can do to add value to your home. Some are expensive, while some are very affordable for you to undertake. Some home improvement additions can be done under zero supervision as they only need basic knowledge to implement them.

1. A New Driveway

A nice driveway is one of many additions that add value to a home. For a nice driveway, you need to get a list of the best paving contractors in your local area. Reach out to all the paving contractors and let them give you an estimated quotation for the new driveway construction. You can choose the cheapest paving contractor from there, and the contractor must have the best reviews. Driveway drainage is also important to ensure that no water floods the front yard, which will be very unsightly.

2. Water Filtration

Certain additions add value to a home, and water filtration is one of them. It is one of the best investments you can make to add value to your home. You will save several situations that would cost you even more if you do not incorporate water filtration methods. Depending on the type of contaminant in the water piped into your house, you will need to use a water softener. It will extend the lifespan of your appliances, improve health, and the water quality in your home will be improved with the use of a water softener. Treat this with urgency to ensure that you get quality water into your home.

3. Kitchen Renovations

When renovating the kitchen, you must put aside a certain amount of money. Otherwise, you will end up spending up to the last coin. Kitchen renovations can be costly and, at the same time, very appealing. It would be best if you researched the best kitchen cabinet materials so that when you reach out to a cabinet company, you already know what you want. Frameless kitchen cabinets can also be a good choice as they offer storage space and enhance the kitchen’s appearance.

4. Window Upgrades

Getting window additions that add value to a home is very satisfying. By upgrading your windows, you not only enhance your home’s appearance but also increase the value of your home. Also, when choosing windows, always check their security measures and their amount of exposure to dust and grains. If you want to include window shutters, choose what is within your budget. You can choose composite shutters instead of wood shutters which are way more expensive than composite shutters. As long as they serve the same purpose and look amazing, you can rest assured that your house will look great.

5. Alternative Water Heating Systems

When you are thinking of additions that add value to a home, getting other ways of heating water is a crucial addition. It is essential to research the available alternatives to water heating systems. A solar water heating system is one of the best alternatives because the sun’s radiation is free for everyone and efficiently operates the heating water system. The only problem with the solar water heating system is that it is costly to purchase, on top of getting professionals to install the solar panels and incorporate the water heating system to start functioning efficiently. Generally, the cost of water heater installations is on the higher side, but as time goes by, it becomes cheaper and cost-effective depending on the size of your family.

6. Optimal Heating Capabilities

Having control over the temperature in your home is essential because it goes hand in hand with the cost of operation regarding heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This makes heating upgrades or renovations one of the most beneficial additions that add value to a home. Choosing a ductless HVAC system is a plus because the operation cost is slashed in half because of its efficiency. Although they cost much, their efficiency is on another level, enabling you to save much over the years.

7. Beautiful Yardwork

Let your guests see the ‘wow’ factor when they enter your yard by basically playing around with different species of plants. You can choose to plant grass, flowers, and a few trees that produce beautiful flowers. As they grow, always get the best companies that offer landscaping services at very affordable rates to come and work on your yard, giving it a magnificent finish. Your yard should bring the ‘park’ feeling to your guests and family. Choosing brightly colored flowers is an advantage, especially if you have kids, as they will be distracted by the beauty of the flowers. You can also choose to have different bird species chirping in the yard to give your home the forest feeling.

8. Energy Efficiency

Always work on saving as much as possible by choosing energy-efficient appliances that may be very expensive upfront to purchase and install as they need to be properly installed by an electrician. Still, they will offer you great service and the same time, have fewer negative impacts on the environment. You can do research online on the best energy-efficient appliances that are locally available to enable you to save as much money as possible in the long run.

9. New Carpets

Carpets are one of the many additions that add value to a home. Before you choose new carpets for your home, find out the various types of carpets available in the market. Please choose the best when it comes to durability so that you will not have to invest time and resources into finding optimal carpeting again and again. You can choose to try out wall-to-wall carpeting but be assured it will cost a lot. Choose carpets that are also easy for you to clean as well.

10. A Fresh Coat of Paint

The paint you choose for your home is significant. That applies to both the interior and exterior of your home. The color of the paint also greatly influences the appearance of interior rooms. Certain colors will make a room appear bigger, while others will make a room appear smaller and dull. The painter who will work on your fresh coat of paint should use painter’s tape to avoid silly mistakes. You can choose to get an electrostatic painting service contractor to offer you an affordable price because the results are much better than hand painting. Electrostatic paint also protects your home from the elements while providing an even coat with less setup and less cleanup. Oil-based paints are used, which give the final glossy look.

11. Replacing the Garage Door

The garage has several possible opportunities for additions that add value to a home, but replacing the door may be one of the best ones. It is quite expensive to replace your garage door, especially if you want to replace it with a wooden door. If your garage door has rust on the steel frame or the wood is rotting, it is time to change it. Only experts can replace it; otherwise, if you attempt doing it yourself, accidents that will cause more damage are likely to occur. Several family-owned businesses technically handle everything to do with the garage right from the door to the floor. You can choose to hire them to get the best services.

12. Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is the only place you spend most of your morning hours preparing to go to work or refreshing. Having a beautiful bathroom motivates and gives people the zeal to bathe or do whatever they want to do as fast as possible. You can contact a cabinet company to get very nice bathroom cabinets as one of the possible additions that add value to a home.

13. Getting Recent Technology Appliances

The appliances that are in your home play a big role when it comes to improving the ambiance of the home as well as their operational cost. Get the recently designed appliances that are very appealing to the eye and, at the same time, save on energy with fewer effects on the environment.

14. Basement Renovation

The basement also has opportunities for additions that add value to a home. The basement is normally prone to flooding due to several factors. You need to call in your plumber if your basement floods. There are many renovation ideas available online that you can try out on your basement but always stick to your budget. You can reach out to the nearest home remodeling company to work on your basement to avoid accidents that will lead to future problems.

15. Replacing the Roofing

It is one of the crucial additions that add value to a home. If your roofing has stayed for years, it’s time to replace it because the chances of leaks are very high. Get a good company with the best roofing specialists and reviews to work on your roof. Do not hire the cheapest roofing specialist because if one mistake is made, your whole house could be flooded with rainwater in case of a downpour.

16. Change Your Kitchen Lighting

The kind of lighting in your kitchen is critical. You can choose to get the best lighting and, at the same time, a good ambiance in the kitchen from the same lighting units. You can contact a lighting consultant who will guide you on the best lighting fixtures in your kitchen. Good lighting in the kitchen will also scare away the small crawling animals like rats.

17. Ceiling Fans

These may not be one of the common additions that add value to a home, but they can be very beneficial. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to get ceiling fans and install them yourself. It will help you save a lot of money and still reduce the heat in the home. If you are not in a position to fix the ceiling fans yourself, it will cost extra to get a professional to do it.

18. Restoring the Fireplace Brick

As you use the fireplace, the brick gets stained with soot which makes the fireplace look unattractive. Using a damp rag to clean the fireplace will make the fireplace look new. If the soot is stubborn, you can choose to use a hard brush.

19. Getting a New Door Mat

How your home looks right from the entrance says a lot about you. Replacing your door mat will greatly impact the home’s entrance. Always choose door mats that are eye-catching and easy to clean. Choose colors that are not easily stained over time too.

20. Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

You can get professionals to clean the exterior part of your home since they have the necessary equipment to reach all corners of the house. It is best done after winter to minimize high window-breaking accidents.

21. Get New Sidings

It needs to be done by a professional to get a perfect look at the house at the end of the day. Always remove the old sidings before replacing them with new ones. Consider aluminum or vinyl to avoid future moisture problems. Inject enough money into this to get the best results.

You can also consult friends and family who have done home improvement additions to get an idea of how to go about it and when to do it. You will end up getting recommendations from the best contractors in the process. With the recent technological innovations, some home improvement methods can be learned on the internet, meaning you will not have to contact experts to assist you.


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