10 Proven Portable Restroom Rental Tips

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10 Proven Portable Restroom Rental Tips


The video discusses some of the tips people should follow when renting a restroom for an event. One tip is to rent one portable restroom for every 100 people who will be at a six-hour event. Renting enough portable bathrooms will ensure that no long lines accumulate and that none of the bathrooms gets overused.

Another tip is for people who will be putting the restroom in their backyards. The tip is to ensure that a fenced yard has a clearance of at least 50 inches between the bathroom and the fence.

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The restroom should also be no more than 40 feet away from a service truck.

It’s also advised that customers add hand sanitizer or a running water sink to the Porta John rentals to improve the hygiene at the event. Hand sanitation has become much more vital and necessary than before because of the recent viruses and colds.

Unauthorized access may also be a concern for some customers. Thus, the video speaker talks about renting lock kits to keep unwanted people out of the restrooms.

Another tip mentioned in this video is that some people may want to add a light to make the environment less scary for visitors.

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