What Home Buyers Need To Know About Radon Gas

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What Home Buyers Need To Know About Radon Gas


Buying a home is a decision in life that ought to consider a lot of factors. For instance, you need to have a considerable budget as a potential home buyer. Besides, you need to ensure you are buying a safe home, such as one free of radon gas. Unfortunately, that is not quite a simple process. Radon gas is odorless and invisible; therefore, radon testing equipment should be used to test for this gas. It is after doing a thorough testing procedure that the level of this gas will be established. Once that is done, the process of radon mitigation and abatement should begin. For a potential home buyer, below is what you need to know about radon gas.

Radon Gas Is Harmful

There is no disputing the fact that radon gas is harmful. It has a serious negative impact on someone’s health. With the potential of causing about 20,000 lung cancer cases every year, it is evident that this is a dangerous gas. You cannot afford to have it at a level of at least 4 picocuries per liter. Such a level of radon gas will jeopardize the health of your household. But how do you establish the level of radon gas in your house? For this exercise, radon testing will be needed. Here you will need a radon testing contractor to come on board to establish just how much radon gas has infested your home. Once you have your radon testing results, the next process will be how to mitigate it. And for that project, you will also need radon mitigation and abatement contractor to come on board to render their services.

Testing For Radon Gas

Radon gas is harmful. For that reason, ensuring the gas is maintained at safe levels is important. But that does not come to pass before testing for this gas. That is why bringing on board a radon testing contractor will be a great idea. This should be an individual with great expertise and experience when it comes to matters of radon testing. But how do you ensure that is the case? First, you will need to use customer reviews. Customers who have sought radon testing services will give you insight into some of the options you can take advantage of. Therefore, it is always important that you read through the reviews to get some of the options you can capitalize on for your radon testing exercise.

Radon Mitigation and Abatement

Once you have identified that too much radon gas is your home, mitigation activities are very important. That can be through installing a local sump pump, which will reduce the level of this gas in your home. But for this process, you will need to get a reputable radon mitigation company. Truth be told, such a company is hard to come by, but you have to do whatever it takes to find one. This is why using testimonials and doing your research will be a step in the right direction. You get to collect critical information on some radon mitigation and abatement companies you should trust for this project. Besides, you are able to determine the cost you will incur for radon mitigation and abatement services. From that, you can then budget for this process and have it done thoroughly and completed within the shortest time possible. But most importantly, you get to eliminate the threat of radon gas jeopardizing the health of your family members in your house.


Testing for radon gas and the mitigation activities that follow ought to be undertaken with a lot of seriousness. As a potential homebuyer, you want a home that is free from this gas, considering its harmful nature. That is why you will want the house tested for radon gas to establish the level of radon gas. If the level of this gas is deemed dangerous, then radon mitigation and abatement services ought to be sought after. And here is where the experience and reputation of the radon mitigation company come into play. You cannot just bring on board any company you feel is fit for this project. Proper consideration has to be directed t the cost being charged, experience to be enjoyed, and the guarantee of quality radon mitigation services.

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