Your Guide to Steel Form Decking

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Your Guide to Steel Form Decking


If you are in the construction industry, you are likely familiar with steel form decking. The YouTube video offers a complete guide to steel form decking, what it is, its uses, and its benefits. Steel form decking is also known as metal decking; its applications include floors, roofs, and siding. Steel form decking aims to create a load-bearing surface by interlocking the steel sheets and supporting them through joints or steel beams.

Steel Form Decking Explained

Buildings made of steel benefit from metal decking as it is ideal for creating additional support. The purpose of the metal sheeting on the flooring is to provide additional support to concrete poured over the metal sheeting.

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The sheets in steel form decking have grooves that are either shallow or pronounced. Composite metal decking services have technicians that can explain the differences in the sheets and the benefits and uses of the various types of composite metal decking to clients.

The grooves in the metal sheet play a specific role and deliver varying results depending on the depth of the groove. For example, if the grooves are shallow, the metal sheets are ideal when there is a need for a lighter floor that will not be required to hold much weight. Sheets with deeper grooves are more suited when a heavier floor bearing a lot of weight is needed.


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