Why Your Basement Needs a Sump Pump More Than You May Think

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Why Your Basement Needs a Sump Pump More Than You May Think


Repairing foundation cracks

Are basement water leaks a part of your everyday life?

If so, they shouldn’t be. While more than 60% of U.S. homeowners who have a basement with a basement will experience water problems of some kind over the years, these water problems can become devastating quickly. All it takes is one heavy rain storm to turn small leaks into a completely flooded basement.

To help keep one’s basement dry and free from water damage, many people invest in a sump pump, which can help prevent basement floods by pumping excess groundwater away from your home’s foundation.

Still not convinced that it’s in your best interests to keep wet basements at bay with the help of a sump pump? Here are three impossible-to-ignore reasons why installing a sump pump is a hugely beneficial choice for homeowners:

Sump pumps keep your foundation dry

By keeping your basement moisture-free, sump pumps are able to ensure that your home’s foundation stays dry and intact. When repairing cracks in foundation walls caused by water damage can cost you several thousands of dollars, it only makes sense to protect your foundation against this damage. The structural integrity of your home depends on it.

Sump pumps improve your indoor air quality

When a sump pump prevents water from leaking into your basement, you’ll notice that musty smell in your basement disappear almost overnight. Keeping a basement moisture-free will also help prevent mold spores from growing, which can make life much less of a headache for people with allergies or respiratory concerns.

Sump pumps keep your basement warmer and dryer

Sump pumps control the level of dampness within your basement, which means that your basement will be much better insulated against the surrounding earth. During the winter, this means your basement will be both warmer and dryer, saving you money on your heating bills in the process.

Want to know more about how a sump pump can prevent wet basements and basement cracks and leaks? Feel free to ask us anything about basement waterproofing in the comments below. References.

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