When You Know It is Time to Hire Carpet Cleaners

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When You Know It is Time to Hire Carpet Cleaners


Any home or professional space, such as an office, a bank, or a school, needs not only repair services to keep the utilities in good shape, such as heating and air conditioning, but also to keep the surfaces clean. Carpet cleaning services, for example, can be hired for odor treatment, removing dust and VOCs from carpets, and much more when such carpet cleaning services are called upon. Many carpet cleaning services can be found across the United States, and while some carpet cleaning services do just that (clean carpets), maid services across the United States often take care of carpets as well as their other work, and hotels and office managers can also call upon maid services or carpet cleaning services to keep their premises spotless. Why is it so important to hire maids or carpet cleaning services regularly? What might happen if routine cleaning is neglected?

Dirt and Danger

It is true enough that a dirty carpet or rug will look and smell bad, and this can make a homeowner unhappy or give a bad impression of a building and its owners. But there is more to consider: the health hazards of dirty rugs, carpets, and other surfaces, which can be substantial. Speaking broadly, a dirty room or building is more than unpleasant, it can be a threat to the health of anyone who is inside it. A carpet can soak up dust, pollen, mites, dead skin cells, and more over time, and this is in addition to any other dirt, mud, or spilled food or drinks that can get into the carpet fibers during everyday life. Such carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, and if this work is neglected, a carpet may give off substances that can easily set off allergies or asthma, and this can be a real issue. No one wants to get an asthma attack just from stepping into a building, and a smelly rug or carpet can quickly drive people away. The same may be true of a vehicle’s upholstery, such as in a car or truck, or even trains and airplanes. The seat upholstery in such vehicles, and on indoor furniture too, should be professionally cleaned at least once per year or so.

Cleaning can and should be done for other surfaces alongside the carpets. Door handles, sink handles, stairway guard rails, countertops, and much more should be wiped and cleaned regularly not only to keep them attractive, but also to prevent the spread of illness through bacteria and viruses. This may be especially important in places such as office buildings or hotels, where such surfaces are touched often and thus can often spread illness. The same is true for ventilation ducts and vent covers in an office or other building, which can build up dirt, grime, dust, and bacteria over time. A dirty HVAC system will keep spreading such airborne dirtiness until it is cleaned out, and dirty surfaces, air, and carpets alike can greatly increase the number of sick days that the employees of an office need to take. Preventing the need for sick days can be a fine return of investment of hiring maid or carpet cleaning services for the office.

Professional Cleaners

It is clear, then, that a home or office is in need of regular cleaning to keep the surfaces attractive and free of dirt and germs. And while everyday cleaning such as commercial vacuum cleaners and anti-bacterial wipes can help with everyday dirt and grime, sometimes the professionals need to be called in for a more rigorous cleaning session. After all, carpet cleaning services and maid services will have access to advanced equipment that a homeowner is unlikely to have, and this machinery can help remove dirt and materials from deep inside a carpet, which can help stem the flow of VOCs and allergens entirely from a carpet or a rug. This can make a carpet look and smell very fresh, and a homeowner may be surprised at much much dirt was still left in a carpet when the professionals take over. Larger cleaning jobs can be scheduled while a homeowner is out of town, for convenience.

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