Getting the Right Renovations For Your Home

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Getting the Right Renovations For Your Home


Homeowners enjoy a distinct advantage over those who rent their properties: they can modify and renovate their properties at will, and these projects, when the right contractor crews are hired, can take a wide variety of forms based on the homeowner’s vision of their house. Addition renovations, for example, can involve work on an addition like a wooden deck in the back yard, or addition renovations may take the form of a kitchen remodel job or bathroom remodeling. Addition renovations may mean putting in new features into the home, such as bath tubs or sinks, and home renovation projects, while often focusing on the kitchen and the bathroom, can involve other rooms too, if the homeowner so desires, or even the entire house. Addition renovations may involve renovating the basement into an entirely new space, or addition renovations may be done to create a sunroom or a guest bedroom. What might such a project entail? And is it worth it to invest all the time and money into their home and its renovation?

Why Renovate

There are, in fact, great reasons to start addition renovations on one or more rooms of the house or even the entire structure. The first reason is possibly the most obvious: a remodel job can make a room or the entire house much more comfortable, fun, and convenient to live in, and this can generate intangible returns over many years once a house truly feels like home. A bathroom does not have to be just a room with a toilet; it can be a lush and attractive place a homeowner can spend a long period of time comfortably, and a renovated kitchen is very inviting for a new home cooking hobby.

There are also financial reasons to launch such a project. Home renovation benefits not only the current owner, but future ones too, and this makes all the difference on the real estate market once the current owner puts the house up for sale. Landscaping in the front or back yard, too, can have this effect. Home renovation and landscaping projects often generate a high ROI, or return on investment, since a renovated or landscaped home will be more appealing and distinctive to buyers on the housing market. This can make a house sell sooner, and the homeowner can ask for a higher price for it due to the appealing renovations or landscaping present. Often, a room may generate a ROI as high as 70-80%, and a homeowner who invests 5% of their property’s value on landscaping can expect a ROI as high as 150% or so. These are not numbers to ignore.

The Project

A homeowner who wants to launch addition renovations can first decide which rooms will be renovated, then look online to find and hire contractor crews who are available and who have the materials and expertise needed to get the job done. Once the workers are present, their manager or interior designer can work with the homeowner to design exactly what the remodeled house will look like, and once the plans are in place, the workers can start the project. This may involve specialists too, such as plumbers, wood workers, or electricians, too.

A kitchen can be totally remodeled to become a more charming and convenient place for cooking, and many homeowners who got their kitchen remodeled reported doing a lot more home cooking afterward. Dirty or damaged cabinet doors can be repainted or replaced, and even the stove or fridge may be replaced with newer models that have more features. The floor tiles can be torn up and replaced, and the countertops can be removed and replaced with tough but attractive materials like granite or marble. Drawers or their handles can also be repaired or replaced entirely.

Meanwhile, the master bathroom is another popular target for remodeling work. The tub, shower, toilet, or sink can be replaced with newer models by a plumber, and the new features may be not only more appealing and modern, but they will be low-flow models that save on water. The tiles or wallpaper can be replaced, and so can the lighting fixtures. A remodeled bathroom is a wonderful place for shaving, hair dyeing, and of course taking a bath or a shower.

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