Two Important Reasons to Install Solar Panels

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Two Important Reasons to Install Solar Panels


Sun tracking solar panelIn 2019, on average, American homes used 877 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month. Although electricity costs vary, even homes with the heaviest energy needs and highest costs can significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. After they buy a solar system for home use, many homeowners with lower power needs sell excess energy they produce to their local utility company. Solar energy has many other benefits as well.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

*Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels.
*Allows you to sell your excess energy production to offset equipment installation costs.
*Improves the air quality in your neighborhood.
*Gives you the flexibility to meet changing energy demands by adding mobile solar battery units.
*Protects wildlife, pets, and people from environmental pollution due to fossil fuel production and use.

How Do I Get Solar Panels?

That is easy. Contact your local solar power installer or your power company. The best companies tell you all about solar. They provide free estimates on the most effective design for your needs and tell you everything you need to know about where to find solar panels, what battery storage capacity you will need, and help you buy a solar system for home use.



Did you know that solar panels cost less than $2 per square foot to produce? This is important because 8.2 million Quads of solar energy hit the earth each year, which means solar energy is a nearly infinite resource to harness. There are several important benefits of installing solar panel systems, as this is an efficient way to produce usable energy.



– Friendly to the environment. One of the main benefits of using solar panel mounted systems is that they are eco-friendly. In fact, just one kW, or kilowatt, of energy produced by solar panels can prevent up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, approximately 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are stopped from entering the atmosphere each year because of solar panels, which is important because carbon dioxide is the main pollutant that is destroying the atmosphere. By preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere, solar panel mounting systems help protect the well-being of the earth.

– Reliable. Solar panels reliably harness energy. In fact, the average solar panel has an average lifespan of 30-40 years, which means you can collect a large amount of solar energy for several decades. Additionally, solar panel mountings allow you to install panels in a variety of places. For example, solar panels can be placed on rooftops or on the ground, and having this option allows you to utilize your space wisely. Since solar panel mountings also keep the panels securely in place, you will never have to worry about them separating or uprooting.



Solar panels are an efficient and sensible way to collect energy. Not only are these panels eco-friendly, but they are also highly reliable, as well. Since the sun holds a nearly infinite amount of energy, it is a logical decision to tap into this renewable resource.

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