The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Rent, Not Own, Your Living Space

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The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Rent, Not Own, Your Living Space


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It’s a common expectation of many Americans to buy a home. However, it certainly isn’t for everyone — and you might actually be better off renting apartments and lofts for a few years before making the first down payment on a home.

Still not sure if renting is the right choice for you?

Here are the top five reasons why you should be renting an apartment:

1. Luxury apartments for rent have many of the same features as houses. In fact, many times these luxury apartments and lofts offer more than a house does! From pools to fitness centers, there is a wide range of great amenities and features to be found in luxurious apartments.

2. Renting apartments and lofts is affordable. Many people are drawn to luxury apartments to rent because utilities like heat and electric are often included in the monthly rent bill, meaning the amount you pay each month is the same. This stability in your rent makes budgeting easy.

3. Renting apartments and lofts offers flexibility. There’s no way of predicting if and when your career will require you to move. If you are a young professional, this is especially true — and if you buy a house now, it will be a pain to try and sell it once you need to move.

4. Apartments and lofts require little to no extra work. When you own a home, you’re responsible for taking care of all its needed maintenance and repair work — which require both money and physical labor. When you live in apartments and lofts, you can leave all the work to the 24/7 onsite maintenance workers from your apartment complex.

5. Owning a home might not be the best investment. The majority of homeowners actually don’t receive any tax benefits from owning their house. In addition to this, the housing market is unpredictable and always fluctuates, meaning you might be unable to sell your house at the price you bought it in a few years. Read more blogs like this.

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