The Important Facts You Don’t Know About Replacement Windows

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The Important Facts You Don’t Know About Replacement Windows


Fullerton Replacement Windows and Doors wants you to know it’s always the right season to consider window replacement services. The days when the perfect temperature inside matches the outside are few and far between. The reality is you are always facing the energy inefficiency of warm or cold air entering or escaping your home. As solid as your home construction looks, it’s not leakproof when it comes to the environment outside your house. One of the major culprits for the energy loss is your old residential window. The plain fact is that close to 40% of heat loss occurs from your home’s windows and doors. The percentage of loss rises to half if you still have single pane windows, as do most homes built prior to the 1990s.

How Window Replacement Services Providing the Latest Options in Windows Saves You Money?

If the best time to replace windows is anytime, then the question is how does it make a difference? Because of the improvements occurring with the latest window replacement services that are available, the E.P.A. estimates your annual utility bill could be reduced by more than $500 simply by replacing your residential window or windows with Energy Star models. By percentage, a homeowner could be receiving 7 to 15% annual lower energy bills by having window replacements services remove single pane windows and installing newer double pane ones. Drafty windows can make utility bills rise by 10 to 25% through the air let in and out. That’s literally money out the window you could end by using window replacement services to get rid of those drafty frames.

What are the benefits of Vinyl Windows When Considering Window Replacement Services?

There are even more advantages when you choose vinyl windows models over wood windows. In a study completed by Remodeling Magazine, the average cost savings by choosing vinyl windows for a home over wood amounted to $910.”This Old House” found that in some cases, vinyl windows were half the price of comparable wood frames. Second, the maintenance with vinyl replacement windows for less than wood which will require repainting and takes a beating from the elements. Vinyl windows require far less upkeep and maintenance, which means less worry for you.

The Time to call Fullerton for Window Replacement Services is Now.

It’s not only an investment for the savings you receive right away, but also for the future of your property by improving the appearance and adding value. It’s estimated that when the time comes to sell, you can recover 73 to 77% of the costs of using window replacement services. Combined with the annual energy savings, this means the improvements could end up paying for themselves. Fullerton can make the difference for you in value, savings, and upkeep. Make today the day you decide to make a clear improvement for your home with superior window replacement services.

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