The Importance Of Landscaping In A Private Or Public Property

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The Importance Of Landscaping In A Private Or Public Property


From barkdust to cedar chips, there are many landscape improvements that can be made, both to the typical single family home as well as a number of public places. And landscaping is more important than many people realize. It can increase the curb appeal of a home and it also makes places simply more pleasurable to visit. There are many ways to improve the appearance of an outdoor space, and landscaping with the help of a professional is one clear cut way to make a pronounced property improvement.

Adding barkdust to your landscaping is one way to increase the value of your home. If you are looking to place your home on the market to hopefully sell for a considerably high price, nearly all of real estate agents (at least ninety percent) will advise you to make property improvements in the form of landscaping. This is because, with the right landscaping, the property value of a home can be increased by nearly as much as fifteen percent. It will also decrease the total time that a house spends on the market before finally being sold by as many as six weeks in all.

From adding in a garden to adding barkdust, there are many changes that the typical home owner can make to their lawn and outdoor spaces. Even just mowing your lawn regularly can make a big difference in the appearance of you home, as it has been found that much value is placed on a well maintained lawn space. In fact, ninety percent of all home owners with lawns think that it is a matter of significant importance to keep the lawn in a good condition.

But landscaping is not only important in cases of private land ownership. Public places such as parks and playgrounds can also benefit from adequate and thorough attention to landscaping. Adding barkdust onto playgrounds is common (as well as cedar playground chips), as it not only looks appealing but adds additional safety to a playground as well, making it able to be more widely utilized by the children of the neighborhood and even children beyond that scope.

However, it is important to maintain and care for the barkdust well, no matter what its use. Barkdust should be reapplied no less than every four years and, in some situations, it is recommended that it be reapplied as frequently as every two years. This will depend on the type of barkdust (which is most commonly made from firs) as well as the maintenance that is provided to it.

No matter what it is used for, there is no doubt about it that landscaping is important. It simply makes outdoor spaces look better – therefore increasing the enjoyment that can be gotten from those places. From the public playground to the private home, proper and updated landscaping has a number of concrete benefits. First of all, in the case of the private home, it can raise the overall price of the property. For home owners who are looking to sell the home, this can be hugely beneficial. As it is also likely to increase the time that a singe family home spends in total on the market, there is little downside to updating landscaping or even hiring a professional landscaping service to do so. Landscaping is also beneficial for public playgrounds, helping to provide a safe environment for children of the neighborhood to gather and to play. No matter what the purpose, landscaping plays an important role in our society.

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