Basement Remodeling and Other Popular Home Improvement Projects

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Basement Remodeling and Other Popular Home Improvement Projects


Basement remodel work can change an entire home more than some people might think. People might not notice the basement immediately, even if the door to the basement is relatively close to the front door. Still, once they’ve seen the house, their opinions of the basement will influence the way that they view the entire home. There are coastal basement ideas that can truly have a strong effect on every part of a home.

Some basement remodeling services will have design ideas of their own. Usually, people will want to take a fairly unfinished basement and make it look completely finished. An industrial-look basement might be popular for many people today. A home remodeling contractor can modify many parts of any basement area.

Usually, these professionals will want to do something about the floor of the basement, which can make the full space look like it hasn’t been finished. Other parts of the basement will still matter, however, and contractors can pay attention to those areas. They can turn the walls of a basement into beautiful panels. People might even want to change their basement windows in some way, making it possible for more light to reach the interior of their basements.

Updated 3/30/22

When hunting for basement remodel ideas, you will likely be confused about different designs and add that you can incorporate them to transform your home. Decide the purpose of the basement before you start remodeling the space. Remodeling your basement may include an expert who should handle complex work such as basement cement wall finishing.

If you consider having a complete basement renovation, a basement contractor will help you with the project. Hiring a basement contractor will turn your ideas into reality and adhere to building regulations and industry practices to keep your family safe.

Cost is a major factor to consider for any remodeling project. You can ask for written estimates from the basement contractors you come across to compare the cost of a basement remodel. Make sure you get a basement remodel cost breakdown from several certified and highly experienced contractors. You also need to check their portfolio to see some of the high-end finished basements they have worked on before.

To ensure you hire the right person for a job, ensure you consult them and ask the necessary questions to ascertain if they are best suitable to handle the project.

Now that the weather is improving, many homeowners may be deciding that it’s time to focus on their home remodeling projects. A recent survey showed that nearly 66% of homeowners were planning to renovate their houses in the near future. Whether these are indoor or outdoor projects, it’s likely that these homeowners have quite a few ideas for updating, or otherwise improving, their living spaces.

Basement remodeling, in particular, has grown in popularity. The National Association of Home Builders, for instance, conducted several surveys on the different types of renovation projects that have been embarked upon. Over the past 20 years, it appears that finished basements have become one of the most popular home improvement projects. It’s important to note that a basement remodeling project can increase a home’s value. In fact, Home Advisor reported that even an average basement remodel can bring homeowners a solid return on their investment. This can be as much as a 70% return once their house is sold.

Custom-built homes are also becoming more popular. This is because homeowners are able to choose their own floor plans and include the various features that they want. The 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey found that 68% of the participants had planned to have a recreational area added. Gaming and entertainment rooms are also often requested for custom-built homes. According to the survey, 29% of the homeowners wanted to have rooms specifically for this purpose in their new houses.

Since you’re planning to remodel your basement or have another home improvement project or two in mind, a residential contractor will be able to assist you with this. Once you have an initial consultation with your home improvement contractor, you will be able to discuss your basement remodeling and other project ideas at length.

In addition to interior remodeling projects, you may also be thinking about updating or enhancing your outdoor spaces. These types of projects might include adding on a garage or other structures such as a deck, covered patio, or carport. Since you will be working with an experienced contractor, they will have several ideas and recommendations as well.


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