The Cost-Effective Value of Using Propane

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The Cost-Effective Value of Using Propane


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It is a by-product of natural gas and petroleum refining, used for engines, portable stoves, and residential central heating. At temperatures above -44 Fahrenheit, it is a non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas. It has many uses and is essential for farm equipment. What is this mystery substance? Glad you asked. It is propane.

Propane is, at the molecular level, a bonding of carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is an effective source of fuel for numerous industries. When it comes to farming, more than 660,000 farmers use propane for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators, and other farm equipment.

As an essential fuel, it is used for crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, and even space and water heating. When it comes to industrial sites, more than 350,000 use it for brazing, soldering, cutting, vulcanizing, and other uses. Petrochemical industries use propane for manufacturing plastics.

Propane is considered a cost efficient fuel. One benefit of heating your home with propane is the amount of propane that can be stored and transported, versus the output of gas. While everyone associates propane with the gas, it can actually be condensed significantly, making it economical to store. In fact, propane is 270 times more compact as a liquid than as a gas.

A commercial propane service specializes in the care and refilling of your propane tank. Whether you are a farmer, someone on an industrial site, or someone who owns a home that is heated with propane, a commercial propane service allows you often to schedule deliveries to replenish your supply of propane. Propane services can include filling propane tanks, delivering propane fuel, and having benefits for residential propane customers.

The source of the general propane supply in the United States actually comes from America. Around 90% of our propane supply is produced domestically, with 70% of the rest coming from Canada and Mexico. The amount of propane produced is split evenly between refining crude oil and the processing of natural gas. Propane is readily available and secure.

A residential propane service can touch on numerous appliances and aspects within a home. For instance, many have a propane fueled fireplace. Many of these can use liquid propane as the fuel to provide warmth without an excess of ash.

Another residential application of propane includes water heating. Some of the benefits of using propane in this capacity include a decreased carbon footprint, higher value with more savings, and an abundance of hot water.

Propane, as a substance, has a variety of uses, both in a commercial setting and a residential setting. In a commercial setting, propane is used on industrial sites and farms, to provide fuel for necessary tasks to keep the business profitable. In a residential setting, propane can be a cost-effective mode of providing heat.

Commercial propane services are beneficial for those that use propane because they can allow for scheduled deliveries of propane that will keep your supply from running out.

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