Choosing the Best Painting Contractors


Commercial sandblasting equipment

Most homes will require a new coat of paint at some point or another. Some homeowners may opt for all new paint when they first move into a home. Others may wait a few months, or years, to get settled before beginning a large paint job. Painting is a lot of work. It requires taping, priming, and moving. Every item in the room that you are planning on painting needs to be moved or securely covered. Most paint jobs require at least two coats. They also require many hours of drying time. The process of painting is so important that consideration should go into choosing your commercial painter.

Narrow down your options. There are approximately 316,200 people working as professional painters or painting contractors in the U.S. It can feel overwhelming when it comes time to choose the painting contractor that you will use for your painting needs. Local reviews and consultations can be a great way to narrow down your professional painting options. Ask your friends and family for referrals of reliable contractors that they have used previously.

Request a consultation with contractors of your choice. Once you have narrowed down your painting contractors options, request consultations with them. The specific painting consultation should take place in your home, where you want to work to be completed. This will give them an opportunity to see the work that needs to be done and to give an accurate price quote. You can also point out any areas of concern in this environment.

Ask a lot of questions. Asking questions not only helps you pick the most reliable contractors, it also ensures that the contractor you picked completely understands your wants. There are many decisions to be made when painting, including paint colors, paint types, pricing, trimming color and materials, and drywall repair. An exterior painter may have a lot of questions about the specific areas that you want to be painted.

Some painters will do repair work prior to painting begins. Others will require that you have the repairs made, prior to painting begins. A reliable contractor will inform you as to which method they prefer. Gaps tend to be a problem when painting. Gaps can come in between stair levels, wall changes, and moldings. Filling gaps with a paintable acrylic latex caulk cuts down on drafts and makes your trip look better than new. Sandblasting services can make a paint job look more professional also, by evening out the wall that needs to be painted.

Provide your contractor with an ideal look. The contractors are the professionals and should be able to provide you with painting recommendations to achieve your ideal room look. Providing your contractor with an image or a description of your ideal overall look can help them complete the job to your standards. For example, glossy paint versus matte paints can really make a difference in a finished paint job. In general, glossier paints are more stain resistant and scrubbable. This may be important is messes are common in your house.

Keep in communication with your contractor. You should request to see progress, rather than a finished job. This can allow you make special requests or changes to the painting plan, before the entire household is finished. Commercial painting services can be expensive, especially if you have to have it all painted again. Reliable contractors are willing to show you work, anytime you desire to see it.

The paint job of a home really sets the look for the entire house. This is why homeowners are constantly changing their paint colors. It is also a cost effective way to refresh a room. Choosing a reliable contractor for your painting needs is important in ensuring that you are left with a professional paint job. The painting process, especially for an entire house, can be a lot of work. It is best to leave it to the painting professionals.

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