Taking A Look At The Landscaping Industry Of The United States

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Taking A Look At The Landscaping Industry Of The United States


From mulch products to blower truck installation, there’s more that goes into the landscaping industry than many people are consciously aware of. And the industry of landscaping industry here in the United States (not to mention other places throughout the world) also has more practical purposes than many people realize as well.

From using mulch products on residential yards to creating the wood chip terrain for playgrounds throughout the country to keeping commercial lots looking nice and inviting, there is really no telling how far the industry and the work of landscaping will be able to expand here in this country alone. Landscaping services can be ideal for residential purposes as well as community and commercial ones, and landscaping not only helps to improve the aesthetics of any given area, but it can improve the safety as well.

Take the use of landscaping for any given playground area here in the United States. It’s incredibly important for playgrounds to be made not only with the use of safe materials, but to be set up in a way that is conducive to the movement of children throughout it. Without this, it is all too likely that children will become injured during their play. The materials used for the ground are also an important consideration that must be made before the playground can be opened to the public.

This is where landscaping companies and their mulch products come in to conduct a mulch installation. There are many different types of mulch as well, and mulch like barkdust is typically the recommended material for the use in any given playground. It is also highly suggested that this barkdust be applied in at least a twelve inch layer for maximum safety. All in all, if the barkdust and mulch products are applied well and maintained just as thoroughly – as well as the rest of the playground – it is likely that the playground will last up to ten years with relatively minimal maintenance. However, it is often recommended that bark dust be reapplied and switched out at least once every four years. Some types of bark dust might even need to be switched out at least once every two years, though how often this is necessary will be in direct relation to the type of bark dust that is being used and utilized.

From mulch products to driveway gravel, landscaping can help to improve the aesthetic value of a property as well. In fact, nice and well kept up landscaping can even increase the overall value of said property. It has even been found that commercial offices that have well kept up landscaping, utilizing mulch products and other landscaping products, often have higher overall rental rates, on average higher by as much as seven percent when all is said and done. This makes the investment of landscaping well worth it.

And landscaping for your personal property is often also ideal, as it can increase the resale value of your home by as much as nearly fifteen percent (fourteen percent, to be more exact). Of course, improving your landscaping is ideal far past just getting a higher price for your home if and when you decide to sell it. On top of this, improving your landscaping, such as adding mulch products and the like, can simply just increase your overall enjoyment of your home. After all, utilizing your outdoor space to the best of its ability is more than ideal when it comes to owning a home or a property.

And the landscaping industry is thriving in many places all around the world. Here in the United States, this is particularly true, and can be seen by the fact that the landscaping industry as a whole now employs as many as one million people employed by as many as half of a million businesses throughout the United States (five hundred thousand, to look at it just a little differently). On top of this, the growth rate of the landscaping industry is as much as three and a half percent for each and every year that passes us by – and impressive percentage, to say the least.

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