Sunlight and Solar Energy

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Sunlight and Solar Energy


Solar panel roof mounting

A sun tracking solar panel is a device that aims itself towards the sun to soak up the suns energy. Sun tracking solar panels can be photovoltaic (PV) panels, lenses, reflectors, or other optical devices. In flat-panel photovoltaic applications, sun tracking solar panels are used in order to minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming sunlight and a photovoltaic panel. As a result, this increases the amount of energy produced from a fixed amount of installed power generating capacity.

Sunlight has two components: the direct beam which carries about 90% of the solar energy, and the diffuse sunlight which carries the remainder. The diffuse sunlight part is the blue sky on a clear day and it increases proportionately on cloudy days. As most of the energy is in the direct beam, the maximizing collection requires that the sun be visible to the panels for as long as possible. This is why a sun tracking solar panel is so important because the sun tracking solar panel can follow the sun for as long as possible.

Sun tracking solar panels come as solar mounting systems are not too difficult to have installed. They have solar panel roof mounting and most of them come with a solar panel mounting kit, or solar panel mounting systems. The United States offers tax deductions in many states for having solar panels installed on a home. It makes the financial benefits larger than just saving in electricity.

Eco-Friendly Statistics:

* One kW of power from solar panels prevents 150 pounds of coal from being mined
* One kW of energy from solar panels prevents 300 pounds of CO2 from being released
* One kW of energy from solar panels prevents 105 gallons of water from being used
* Those who use solar energy save 35 million tons of carbon dioxide per year
* On average, 8.2 million Quads of solar energy hits the earth every year

There are currently approximately 1,650 MW of solar energy panels installed throughout the United States. PV solar panels are very reliable and have an average lifespan of 30 to 40 years. Every year, an estimated 400 Quads of solar energy are used for power purposes globally. In the United States, solar panels produce a 200% return on investment over the length of 25 years. See more.

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