Professional Maintenance of your HVAC System Ensures Your Family’s Health and Safety

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Professional Maintenance of your HVAC System Ensures Your Family’s Health and Safety


The right AC heating and cooling unit will keep you warm come winter, and cool during the summer. If you live in an area with hot summers, it’s not just about comfort, but also safety. Many people end up hurt or even killed by high heat. The same is true for cold weather as well. If you can’t stay warm, you might end up hurt.

If winter is approaching, you need to test out your heating system. You’ll want to contact residential heating contractors if your HVAC system is performing poorly or is dirty.

As summer nears, it’s smart to make sure that your AC system is still producing cold air. In some cases, you may need to change refrigerants or perform maintenance work.

It’s best to get the work done early, however. Often AC labor is hard to come by in the winter or summer since many other people need their AC heating and cooling units repaired or replaced.

With all that said, when looking for AC heating and cooling near me you’ll also want to work with technicians who have the right AC HVAC training and experience. This will help ensure that the job is done right.

Hvac repair company

As a homeowner in Huntsville AL, it’s likely that sooner rather than later you will need to identify a reliable heating and air conditioning company. Not only in case of an emergency, but also for regular maintenance, which is necessary to keep your home HVAC system running smoothly without any problems. But what can HVAC and air conditioning repair companies do for you that you or your DIY husband can’t do yourselves?

Do you really need a heating and air conditioning service?

In brief, the answer if yes. HVAC repair and maintenance is not something that you can do by yourself, it is best left to professionals. They are licensed to carry out all repairs and routine maintenance safely and in compliance with all local regulations. They can also advise on energy-saving tips and ideas. Their professional knowledge and expertise can help to ensure your family’s health, safety and comfort.

Professional HVAC service can ensure your family’s health

Studies have found that some of the most polluted air is actually indoor air. Dust, pollen, dander and other allergens circulating through the ventilation system put your family’s health and well-being at risk.
For example, most people are not aware that they should change the filter on the HVAC unit regularly, at least once every three months. This helps to avoid problems caused by allergens and dust circulating through your home ventilation system.
Further, the entire system should be checked and cleaned annually, ideally in the fall before the heating is turned on. This is essential to safeguard against the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is colorless, odorless, and highly toxic. Again, this is something that can only be done by the professionals.

Well maintained HVAC systems can reduce energy costs

Most people are not aware that if the HVAC unit is not installed properly, it can add up to 30% to energy bills. However there are some simple steps that can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs.
For example, the average homeowner can save up to $180 a year in energy bills with a programmable thermostat. And HVAC energy costs can be reduced by an average of 10-12% with proper attic ventilation.
A new HVAC unit can last for 12 to 15 years on average with proper maintenance. HVAC and air conditioning repair companies can help you keep your home healthy and safe.


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