Finding A Plumber From Repairs To Prevention

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Finding A Plumber From Repairs To Prevention


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It can be easy to drag your feet when dealing with the less glamorous aspects of owning a home. Perhaps the least glamorous part of owning a home is dealing with plumbing repairs. As common as they are, plumbing problems can range from obvious to subtle; but no matter how seemingly-minor it is, a plumbing issue that goes unrepaired can cause a great deal of damage. That?s why finding a plumber ? and perhaps even finding a plumber before you find a problem ? is crucial to the well-being of your home.

Household Leaks: The Biggest Money-Waster There Is?

One of the plumbing issues that you can easily dismiss is the common household leak. Although this problem is easy for licensed plumbers to repair, many homeowners would rather attempt to repair leaks on their own, or even ignore them altogether. Leaks are among the most common problems for plumbing services to deal with ? but when they go ignored, that also equals a lot of water and therefore money wasted. Nationwide, household leaks account for one trillion gallons of water lost. These leaks are especially damaging when they come from toilets, which account for over 30% of all indoor water use. A quick toilet repair could save you a lot of money in water ? in fact, plumbing repairs to household leaks can save homeowners 10% on their water bills.

Water Heaters: Tankless Or Not?

Finding a plumber isn?t always about fixing problems. It can also concern finding the right plumbing equipment for you. This is especially evident in the cases of water heaters, which can come with a tank, or be tankless. It?s true that a big tank water heater can store 40 to 60 gallons of water at a time, taking care of your showers, laundry, and other hot water needs. However, these water heaters will largely last only 10 to 13 years. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, lasts about 20 years.

Preventing Leaks With The Right Pipes And Fixtures

You might be better off preventing a plumbing repair before it happens. This is best done by replacing old plumbing pipes and fixtures with new, sturdier ones. You?ll want to be very careful when choosing your faucets, which account for 15% of all water use. Furthermore, it?s extremely important that the pipes you use have thick walls and are unlikely to leak as possible. Remember that a crack as small as one-eighth of an inch wide can gush over 250 gallons of water a day. This isn?t just bad for your wallet, but for the environment as well.

With the right plumber on your side, you?d be amazed at how many options you have both in terms of plumbing repairs and leak prevention. It?s a good idea to have a plumbing service that?s on call 24 hours a day. Emergency plumbing services can save you a lot of headaches, and even be available simply to check possible problems. You?ll be glad you called them!

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