Listening to That Dripping Faucet May Be Costing You Money

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There are many subtle sounds that break a household’s evening silence and create a homey soundtrack.

The quiet ticking of the wooden-faced clock that hangs in the living room. The gentle whoosh of warm air coming through the heating vents. The muted sound of water dripping from the bathroom faucet into the sink basin.

But, homey feeling aside, that last sound may actually be costing you money. Even small leaks can raise your water bill by ten percent.

As many as one in ten American homes have leaks that cause 90 gallons a day in wasted water. On average, those indoor plumbing leaks can total over ten thousand gallons per year. That’s enough squandered water to wash 270 loads of laundry.

Luckily, as of 2012, there are over 386,900 plumbers in the United States. That means that finding well-trained plumbers who are local to your area is easy.

The quickest way to find a local plumber is to simply do an internet search. This should bring up regional plumbers as well as national business chains. Unfortunately, this is not always the way to find the best, most well-trained plumbers.

To make sure the person you hire is the best for the job, it may be wise to go through a website which reviews local handymen and plumbers. These review sites have become increasingly popular in the last few years, so finding one that caters to your area shouldn’t be difficult.

Once you have found a list of well-trained plumbers in your area, consider hiring one who specializes in environmentally friendly services.

Installing low-flow faucets and shower heads is a cheap and easy change to make, but it can make a big difference in your water bill.

If conserving resources is on the top of your to do list, consider also replacing your old water heater with a newer model.

Standard water heaters consume more energy than all of your other household appliances combined – almost 17% of a home’s energy use. Energy efficient models, such as tank-less water heaters, can cut down on both energy and water use without sacrificing water pressure or temperature. Making it easier for you to save money and resources.

So while fixing that leaky sink removes the rhythmic dripping from your home’s evening soundtrack, it can save you some serious money.

Which is music to everyone’s ears.
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