Need Curb Appeal? 3 Ways To Master Your Yard

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Need Curb Appeal? 3 Ways To Master Your Yard


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Need Curb Appeal? 3 Ways To Master Your Yard
All homeowners have done it. You look out your window and take a deep sigh. Your lawn has absolutely no curb appeal and you have no idea where to start. Thinning grass, old tree stumps and lack of landscaping are just a few items that can ruin your homes “lawn-scape”. Here are a few suggestions for homeowners who are trying to spruce up their property.
It’s One, Two, Tree Easy!
Thoughts of trees gently blowing in summer winds? Well, it can be a reality. First, you need to take stock. How many trees are part of your lawn-scape? Do you have the need for tree stump removal? There are countless ideas to improve your curb appeal, whether it’s in your front or back yard.
When it comes to trees, it is best to get the knowledge of an expert arborist. They can inform you on tree maintenance techniques of:
1. root fertilization
2. tree trimming
3. professional tree care
4. stump grinding
Environmental Improvements
Not all changes to your yard have to contain harsh chemicals or be environmentally unfriendly. These abrasive removal techniques, depending on the area and item being removed, can be detrimental to not only the Earth but, to those around the lawn. If there are children in the area or people who are allergic to these chemicals, it is not the best plan of action.
Tree stump removal can safely be accomplished by hiring a stump grinding company. Other methods such as trying to pull the stump out by vehicle can cause damages. Other dangerous methods, such as blowing up the tree stump, is definitely not recommended.
Once old tree stumps and dying trees have been removed, it’s always a great idea to replace with new trees. Not only are trees pleasing to the new curb appeal of your home, they can attribute these environmental aspects that can boost the sale of a home:
1. A belt of trees 100 feet wide and 45 feet high can reduce highway noise by 50%.
2. Property values of landscaped homes are 5 to 15% higher than those of non-landscaped homes and homes are quicker to resell than homes without trees.
3. Tree windbreaks can reduce residential heating costs 10 to 15%.
Don’t Forget The Flowers!
Although trees play a great role in beautifying your homes curb appeal, flowers add the necessary shot of color needed to appeal to the eye. Choose plants and flowers that are low maintenance but suited for the space that is your yard. Having bushes and flower shrubs that overpower the yard defeat the purpose of your new “lawn-scape.”
Whether you’re tying to sell your home or not, as a homeowner, you always want your lawn to be pleasing to the eye. Depending on your lawn-scape needs, getting tree stump removal or planting fresh trees to improve the environment around your home, it’s always best to plan and utilize the services of a trusted tree service company.

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