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Improve Your Home With These Professional Services


Home improvement remains one of the most popular projects for homeowners and renters. Home improvement spending budgets are proof of this popularity. For example, according to Zippia, Americans spent $538 billion in home improvement stores in 2021 alone.

Along with the popularity of home improvement is the DIY approach to project planning and delivery. More and more people opt to do home improvement projects with little or no professional intervention. However, there are home improvement projects better handled by professionals.

If you are planning to do a home improvement project this year, you’ll learn about the top residential remodeling services to hire you should consider. By using these professional services, you can increase your home’s functionality, size, and value.

1. Roofing Services

A sturdy roof protects your family from rain, snow, and mold growth. If it’s well-maintained, it can increase your energy efficiency. A good roof is critical for maintaining your home’s value and ROI, especially if you plan on reselling. According to Zillow, you can expect an ROI of 68.2% for asphalt shingle installation.

Whether it’s maintenance, repair, or full roofing replacement, you should engage a professional. Roofing professionals have years of experience fixing roofs and are trained to work efficiently and safely. In addition, calling a roof repair professional may save you on warranty coverage because companies are often shy to cover warranty when people do DIY projects.

A professional roofing service company may have good networks with providers, and therefore, you may get a better deal than going to the hardware store for a single purchase. Professional roofers can improve your home’s curb appeal by using modern design. Some companies use design software to show you how your home will look after the services.

2. Countertop Services

Countertops are masterpieces in your overall home design. If you install high-quality countertops in your kitchen, you’ll have ample working space for preparing food and increasing the value of your home. High-quality countertops are also easy-to-clean and maintain and are resistant to scratches and tears. That’s why it’s essential to get residential remodeling services to hire to ensure you get a clean look.

These services vary from granite counter top installations to repair and replacement. The installation comes in handy if you have never had countertops before. You may need to add a countertop in the bathroom after remodeling. Repairing is more cost-friendly if you have good countertop materials and are only looking for slight modifications. You can go all out with a complete countertop replacement, allowing you to choose materials and design.

Professional countertop services bring expertise and proper tools that’ll not only ensure that the job gets done but that it’s done well. A professionally done countertop can be more durable and hygienic because it uses high-quality materials and makes the space easier to clean. Besides, it will save you time and protect your warranty.

3. Paving Services

Do you know a poorly maintained pave way can be a safety risk for slips, skids, and falls? A well-maintained pave way ensures all users, even people with navigational challenges, access your home easily all year round. Your home could lose curb appeal if the pavement is not maintained properly. On the flip side, engaging in residential remodeling services to hire could save money in the long term by dealing with issues before they exacerbate.

If you are redoing your pavement, you can consider asphalt paving services, concrete paving, or seal coating. Asphalt gives a neat finish but requires more maintenance than concrete paving. Seal coating prevents water accumulation that could damage the pave way. If it’s the first time installing a paved way, balance functionality with design to improve your curb appeal while making your home accessible.

A professional paving service can save you time and unnecessary safety risks. Besides, DIY asphalt paving can turn messy if you haven’t done it before. Instead, a well-designed pavement can improve drainage and make navigating the parking lot and walkway easy. Since the pave way is the first thing people see when they visit your home, you should prioritize curb appeal.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling remain the top two most common high-value home improvement projects. Zillow says you could recoup 71.2% with a minor kitchen remodel. Considering most families spend most of their productive waking time in the kitchen, doing a remodel that improves functionality and aesthetics is worth it. A cozy bathroom leaves you feeling more satisfied and fun when refreshing.

Kitchen and bath design companies offer various services, including designing, installing, and renovating your spaces. If you are looking for residential remodeling services to hire, it’s best to figure out the look and functionality you want your kitchen to have first. Is there a specific design you would like? Would you want to add a section in your bathroom? While the build-design firm will present you with ideas, it would help if you had some already.

Unless you’re a kitchen build designer, it’s best to involve a professional service provider. However, it’s your money and kitchen, so it’s okay not to sit in the coach and wait for results. In collaboration with professional kitchen and bathroom design services, you can improve the functionality, curb appeal, and value of your home.

5. Landscaping Services

Are you satisfied with your current landscaping? In 2021, 35% of homeowners were planning a landscape improvement project, according to Zillow. The most obvious reason to get landscaping services is to keep your landscape attractive. But that’s not all. A well-maintained landscape can improve curb appeal, improve home safety and give your home an appealing outdoor space.

Landscaping is an area you can experiment with your creativity. Yet you don’t have to go at it alone. For example, you can visualize how you want your lawn to look, but lawn care services can bring your vision to reality. However, landscapes go beyond lawn care. The contemporary landscape uses multiple elements, including short bushes, stones, and slabs, to give a sophisticated look.

Residential remodeling services to hire can help transform your landscape from ordinary to inspiring. While it’s easy to google top landscaping ideas online, landscaping goes beyond the manual work to include design and planning. A well-designed landscape can improve your home’s curb appeal, reduce your environmental impact and increase your home enjoyment.

6. Tree Removal Services

Another residential remodeling service to hire you need is tree removal services. Do you know trees, with all their beauty and benefits, could pose a risk to you and your family? Loose hanging branches, bending roots, and abandoned tree stumps can pose safety risks, especially when heavy rains and strong winds occur. Tree care and removal services can improve your home’s beauty and structural integrity.

Depending on your needs, you could be after different tree removal services. For example, simple pruning may be the difference between a clean-looking home exterior and safety risk. Trimming may help level overgrown bushes and tree branches. Complete tree removal may work if the two can’t salvage the situation.

Overgrown trees can spread their roots to your home’s foundation, thus undermining its integrity. However, a tree removal business can prevent property damage by advising you on the best action. Besides, tree removal companies have the right tools and expertise to make the job safer and more effective.

7. Siding Services

Another residential remodeling service to hire for your home needs is siding replacement services. High-quality siding is essential in insulating your home. Siding can be made from different materials, from wood and aluminum to stone and steel. Besides energy efficiency, it’s used to improve a home’s curb appeal and protection from elements such as excessive rain or winds.

If you already have siding, maintenance services may help ensure your siding lives to its expected date. Sometimes, you may need to do repairs if only a few sections have damage. However, if the damage is beyond repair, it’s time to consider a full replacement. According to Home Advisor, you can expect to spend between $5400 and $15,000 for a full home siding installation.

Installing siding in a house is an intensive task that requires at least a few technicians. It may also require using ladders and being careful with electrical connections. Professional siding workers are trained to navigate this complex reality, so hiring them is best instead of starting a long DIY project. Professionally done siding will not only enhance energy efficiency, but it will also improve weather resistance and make your home beautiful.

8. Cabinet Services

Stylish cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom are a big plus for your home’s curb appeal. If your cabinets are aging and losing their pop and functionality, a cabinet refacing company may help you redesign your space and give it a new definition. New cabinets are good for the looks and the functionality – you can increase your storage space and have more design elements to play with and be creative.

Refacing services are more cost-effective because you don’t have to start from scratch. It typically involves removing your doors and drawer fronts, cleaning them, then re-installing new doors while the frame remains intact. If you don’t have cabinets already, you can get cabinet services to re-install them per your design. However, you also repair your cabinets if the problem is only minor.

There are companies specializing in cabinets alone. A report by Mordor Intelligence shows that the kitchen cabinet market alone will hit 160 billion by 2025. This means that, because of the size and specialization, you’ll likely get good value for money if you get the right company. Such residential remodeling services to hire can help you improve the durability of your kitchen and bathroom while improving the design.

9. Fencing Services

Fences have an interesting history in the U.S., with picket fences remaining a cultural symbol. One of the amazing things about fences is that you can choose what you want a fence to do. Is it privacy you desire or a design statement? Are you looking to protect your pets or prevent unauthorized entry? Fences can achieve all this, but hiring professional services can ensure you achieve your goal with a good fence.

Fence builders can provide design services to turn your concept from imagination to reality. They may add auxiliary components such as smart gate locks or incorporate security systems. If you already have a fence, you may need maintenance services depending on the fencing material. Alternatively, you could get repair services if your fence has some damage.

Fencing services can not only improve your aesthetics; they can also improve security and functionality. In fact, security is their primary function. Therefore, you want to ensure you have a solid fence that’s not easy to breach. You can only get this guarantee if you engage professionals. If you are buying expensive fencing materials, engaging residential remodeling services to hire is the best way to protect your investment.

10. Deck Services

Do you have a well-designed structural deck? Statista says 50,000 decks were added to single-family unit houses in 2021. A deck is not a must-have, but if you love entertaining, relaxing outdoors, or simply increasing the value of your home, having one can be satisfying. However, your deck must be structurally sound. That’s why a professional deck-building service is critical when considering a deck.

A deck building service will leave your deck neat and attractive. Behind the scenes, a well-built deck will give you peace of mind, especially when entertaining, as there is no risk of slips and falls.

Overall, maintaining and building a home you love requires many hands. Thanks to specialization, you can get services in almost any part of your house. Some projects like painting are fun to do DIY, but sometimes you need residential remodeling services to hire for efficiency, saving cost and time, and giving you the appearance you desire.

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