How to Choose the Right Screws for Any Job

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How to Choose the Right Screws for Any Job


Large nuts and bolts

Anyone who has a project that requires a bolt and nut supply knows how important it is to buy the correct size and type of bolts. If your task needs hex head flange bolts but you accidently buy 12 point flange bolts, you will have a very difficult time getting the job done right. The good news is there are tons of people who can help you — the United States screw, nut and bolt industry employs close to 120,000 people and generates about $27 billion in revenue each year.

The earliest screws were made of wood and were use in wine presses and olive oil presses, and they were also used for making clothes. Metal screws weren’t available to fasten objects together until the 15th century, and people had to rely on weaker wooden screws until then. If you are about to begin a project that requires various kinds of screws and nuts, keep reading to learn the basics of knowing which pieces to choose for the project.

  • Drywall projects
    If you have a drywall project that involves hanging light pieces to the wall, you should check the weight of the pieces you and hanging so you can decide what you need to buy. If the hangings aren’t that heavy, don’t worry about not having very strong screws. You should also take note of the location — if something fell off the wall would it hurt someone or would it break? If this is a concern then you might want to use extra strong screws to get the job done.
  • Screwing fixtures to wooden cabinets
    For this kind of project you should definitely try to get some wood screws because if you use regular screws you can really cause a lot of damage to the cabinets. You need to take extra care when doing a project like this because there is no way to fix the hole if you make a mistake. This is unlike drywall, because if you make a mistake with drywall you can simply fill in the hole with some putty. When doing a project with a wooden base you should take extra care to measure the right spot the first time so you don’t make any mistakes.
  • Hanging very heavy pictures
    It’s super important to get this job done right because you will need to make sure no heavy items fall down and hit someone on the head. You will have to buy special reinforcements to help protect the wall as well, because if a heavy fixture rips out of the wall then it can cause a huge hole. You should check the labels of everything you buy to make sure that the weight capacity is in line with the weight of whatever you are hanging. If you’re worried or unsure, you can go a few sizes up to be completely confident that the screws will hold your new decorative piece.
  • Fixing an old dresser drawer
    For this project you might need hex head flange bolts because you will have to put on the knobs of the drawer and screws won’t work for this job. First you should attach the knob to the dresser and you should then attach hex head flange bolts behind them to hold them securely in place. If you don’t know what color to get, match it to the color of the dresser, and if you can’t find an exact match you should try to get the closest one possible.

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