How Long Has It Been Since You Have Updated the Furnishing in Your Home?


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The home decorating industry continues to expand into new markets. From the adorable fitting rooms in the small dress shops across the country to the home decor items that are finding their way into the dorm rooms on college campuses, unique accessories are helping create comfortable and attractive spaces.
Whether you are looking for a couple of pieces of high end furniture and other interior design accents for the common spaces in a newly remodeled sorority house or you are helping the process of home staging for an open house on your property, finding the right home decor pieces is important. The fact that home design trends can make some major shifts every three to four years, many home owners are always looking to update their homes and offices.
Unfortunately, 20% of five Americans feel happy with their home decor, according to a HomeGoods survey. This same survey by HomeGoods also found that 9% of Americans have not updated their home decor in more than 10 years. Another 47% have not completed any updates in the last five years. Getting a home to the spot where they really want it, in fact, is a goal that some Americans never really reach. For instance, according to a recent Houzz decorating survey, only 2% of people feel they have actually achieved the ultimate vision for their home. Instead, many of these home owners are looking for a way to tie together the favorite items that they already have in their home with some of the newest home decorating trends.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the home decorating industry:

  • Only 20% of Americans feel happy with their home decor, according to a HomeGoods survey.
  • 22% of people adorn their walls with art prints, according to a recent Houzz decorating survey.
  • 17% of people prefer to adorn their walls with original art, according to a recent Houzz decorating survey.
  • 63% of people over age 55 purchase all-new furniture. If you have the luxury of buying all new furniture you do not have to struggle trying to find new items to match the pieces that you currently have.
  • More than 33% of respondents said they would choose a neutral color palette if they were redecorating their home, according to a 2017 interior design trends survey.
  • Unfortunately, 14% of respondents indicate that their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy and stressed, according to a HomeGoods survey.

Whether you are getting ready to redesign a small college dorm room space or you are able to select new furnishings and decorations for an entire home, it is important to make sure that you carefully consider the most expensive purchases so that you make.

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