Four Advantages of Hot Tubs and Spas

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Four Advantages of Hot Tubs and Spas


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Have you ever considered purchasing a hot tub? If you have ever had the opportunity to use a hot tub in a hotel, gym, or spa setting, you are probably aware of how comforting they can be. In addition to comfort, hot tubs also offer many advantages. These advantages make the purchase of the hot tub well worth it. Hot tubs and spas can be extremely affordable, especially when you factor in the benefits.

Hot tubs for stress relief

Americans are stressed. They have busier jobs, longer work schedules, and more responsibilities. High amounts of stress can affect sleep schedules, health, and overall wellbeing. Hot tubs can act as a stress reliever that can help to improve these areas of life. People with chronic medical conditions may even notice benefits to using a hot tub on a regular schedule. Recent studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that people with Type 2 Diabetes had an easier time controlling their plasma sugar levels and weight when they soaked in hot water for 30 minutes a day, six days a week. Other chronic medical conditions will also see advantages from daily hot tub usage.

Hot tubs for pain management

In addition to chronic medical conditions, many Americans suffer from daily pain. Daily pain can make it difficult to exercise and sleep. Hot tubs and spas are a great pain management technique. In water, you only weight 10% of your actual body weight, so your joints and muscles are relieved of the normal pressures exerted by gravity, helping to ease the pain. This reduction in pain can help those with chronic pain to exercise and improve their daily lives.

Hot tubs for improved sleep

Even without chronic pain or medical conditions, many people find it difficult to get a good night of sleep. A hot tub can help to encourage sleep and to improve the quality of the sleep. In fact, approximately 22.4% of hot tub owners purchased their tub with the primary purpose of recovering from an injury. An increased amount, 33.3% of hot tub owners purchased their tub with the primary purpose of improving sleep. Hot tubs and spas are great at reducing pain from a recent injury and even in improving sleep. The heat from the hot tub and spas improves circulation and puts the body into a relaxing state, making sleep easier.

Hot tubs for entertainment

In addition to all of their benefits to pain conditions and medical conditions, hot tubs can also be very entertaining. Hot tubs can be similar to the entertainment found from a pool. Invite your friends over for a BBQ or a couple of drinks, and invite them for a dip in the hot tub. This is a great way to catch up with and to communicate with your family and friends. Just make sure you have plenty of towels and lights to improve the experience.

Low maintenance and upkeep of hot tubs

If you have ever owned a pool, you are probably aware of the amount of upkeep and maintenance it requires. If you do not use the pool enough, this high level of maintenance may not be worth it. Hot tubs and spas, fortunately, are easier to keep up with. They are smaller, hold less water, and the heat helps to keep it clean. However, it is important to keep up with routine hot tub maintenance. This easy maintenance will ensure that your hot tub is already ready for use. It will also prolong the life of the hot tub.

Hot tubs and spas offer many benefits to people, especially those with chronic pain conditions or those that have trouble sleeping. Hot tubs are relatively easy to maintain, as long as you keep up with regular maintenance. They can also be very entertaining, providing you and your guests with hours of entertainment. The purchase of a hot tub will provide you with many advantages, making it well worth the cost.

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