Five Tips for An Updated Kitchen

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Five Tips for An Updated Kitchen



The kitchen is the center of most homes. We spend a lot of time there, and the condition and value of the kitchen does a lot to determine the ultimate value of our houses and apartments. A minor remodel of the kitchen can snag a return on investment of 82.7%, and we feel so strongly about our remodels that 76% of homeowners will end up changing the style of their kitchen during the project. About two thirds of homeowners, according to a recent survey, are thinking about renovating soon. If that?s you, read on for a couple ideas about how even some small kitchen remodeling can help improve your life and the value of your home:

  • Go lighter on all the colors. Light colors make spaces look brighter, so your kitchen will feel more spacious and roomy with a new coat of paint, some fresh tile, and some light counter tops. Light colors are also awesome for hiding dents and scratches.
  • Change your lighting to set the mood. Do you want your kitchen to be a bright and welcoming family space, where the kids get advice on their homework at the table while Dad or Mom cook? Would you rather your kitchen had a more romantic feel, so you and your love can exchange kisses between checking the pasta and chopping the basil? Maybe you want to reflect your cultural heritage, or the do something to make your kitchen match the feel of the house. The right lighting choices can go a long way, and your kitchen remodeling contractors can give you advice on what kind of looks you can achieve with lighting changes.
  • Stainless steel looks classy and timeless. It?s fine if you can?t afford all new stainless steel appliances. Many companies now make paint-on stainless steel that will let you keep an appliance that still works well but looks a bit old. It?s an inexpensive way to do some home remodeling that brightens and updates the whole room.
  • Watch out for the space killers. Small appliances can be really useful, even irreplaceable, in the kitchen. But they also take up a lot of space and make counters look cluttered. Some small renovations could give you a place to conveniently store these, so they?re accessible but out of sight.
  • If nothing else, replace the cabinet doors. These tend to look old before nearly any other part of the kitchen. Even if this is all you can afford to do, just getting some sharp new doors, or giving the old ones a good sanding and a new finish, will do worlds for the look of your kitchen.

Our kitchens are the center of our homes. Makes sure yours is a place that welcomes everyone, and that feeds the soul as well as the stomach.

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