Decor How to Brighten a Room

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Decor How to Brighten a Room


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There are many ways to brighten and refresh a room. There are many ways to renovate and make a house more of a living space than just a bare situation with four walls, a floor, and some nondescript wall colors. Doing this requires work, or the payment for work for a contractor. The whole situation costs time and money but could be worth it.

One of the ways to brighten up a room is to put new decor in it. The best way to gauge what kind of a decor a person wants is to think about their interests and their goals, what kind of colors they like, and what kind of decor they might want in the room, if they were to decorate it.

The first thought in place could be about the kind of decor a person might want. There’s more to a room and decorating a room than just the color of the walls, Though this is an important factor in the mood of a room, taking a look at that person’s interests might do well first.

For instance, the person might want a pet take to brighten a room. A good fish tank can give the room an air of relaxation and enjoyment, compared to just a bare space. A guitar on the wall might give an air of music if that person enjoys playing the guitar. Putting a record on the wall in a frame helps. Other pictures help as well.

Putting up the right pictures can help with the personalizing of a room. A picture of a duck or a lake, for instance, might appeal to someone who likes nature. A picture of a car or a girl might appeal to someone who likes the idea of a car or a girl on the wall. There are other pictures as well. Finding the personal touch makes the room better and brighter.

Another option for brightening up a room has to do with the walls themselves. Walls that are full of holes or tacky can lead to a lessened feeling about the room. It is no longer homey at that point. Repairing all the holes in the walls and all the tacky areas of the walls can better the room and make it better for the inhabitant.

Then there is the color itself. There are many guides to choosing the right color for walls. Much depends on the person who is living there or visiting. Do they like bright colors like bright green or bright blue? Do they like softer colors like beige or tan? They may like bold colors like red or bold blue. There are many options.

The wall color should speak a lot to the individual who is living in the room. If it is a guest room that needs to be done, finding a color that suits the most guests would be helpful. Then there are the common spaces as well. Making colors that are less bold and softer can help a great deal the more people that are living or visiting there.

Then there are statistics. Here are a few.

  • A HomeGoods survey found that 47% of Americans have not updated their decor in at least five years.
  • A HomeGoods survey found that just one out of five Americans (20%) say they are happy with their home decor.
  • Most latex-based paints will be dry to the touch within one hour; it will be ready for a recoat in four hours.
  • Most oil-based paints will be dry to the touch in six to eight hours; it will be ready for a recoat in 24 hours.
  • Even very young children can identify shapes and colors in their surroundings. Babies develop color and depth perception at five months of age.

There are decals as well. Decals are used like paintings or pictures to put on walls to make shapes. And there are many different types, as can be seen on Pinterest. There are terms here like wall decor, wall decals of trees, wall decals, vinyl tree stencils, tree stencil, and more.

Custom wall decals are a good way to add color and texture to a room. Custom wall decals can be specifically made for a person and can be given as a gift. Custom wall decals are helpful. Many custom wall decals are affordable.

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