Crew Builds Another House For Charity

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Crew Builds Another House For Charity


On May 12, 2017, ABC 10 News in California reported on Youtube about a female construction crew who were working with Habitat of Humanity to build homes. They were set to build almost a dozen homes over the weekend in which they were more than happy to participate for a good cause. The crew consisted of 60 women on that day. They were an all-female volunteer team for Bell for Beatty Construction, and the project is known as the “Women who Build” project.

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And even though these women are roofing contractors and more, this project goes beyond their regular scope of work because they were building for charity. In fact, Habitat for Humanity stated that they do more than build homes. They also help raise funds. The total they reached for this project was a total of $150,000, according to Habitat for Humanity.

These homes were being built in the Barrio Logan Neighborhood in San Diego, California. They were building homes for 11 families whom they do not know. However, they were able to leave something behind on those homes, like positive notes on the wall.

Some volunteers showed how appreciative they were in participating in such a great cause. For instance, one volunteer from the Bell for Beatty Construction, Kaitlin Hallal, stated how it was exciting for people to come out, have a great time doing the work, and loving it.

She also stated that it is wonderful seeing how the houses are built from the ground and up.

Another volunteer knew about the various obstacles many people faced, but it was wonderful to be able to participate in building homes for families. The volunteer was from Habitat for Humanity named Lori Piler who stated the following: ” If I have a house, I can take care of my family. And with the shortage of houses in San Diego County, it is a struggle.” She later stated, “when you know you are the mom of the household and how important that home is, you want to do something for someone else.

The news reporter concurred with the volunteer by saying that these women are building homes so that families can be homeowners. Then she stated, this is an American dream that is more difficult to come to fruition for so many. Lindsey Pena was the newsperson reporting this news. She ended by saying that they are expecting the homes to be finished in one and a half years.


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