Cockroaches A Dangerous Pest

Cockroaches A Dangerous Pest


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They are scary, flying through the air on their little wings and floating to attack people. They are ugly, holding a place in the home as a bug that needs to be squashed when seen. They have little redeeming quality, as they serve no purpose in the home. They can be killed by cats and other pets.

They are the roach.

The roach is an ugly pest that seems to infiltrate homes through small cracks in the house, then breeding and giving birth to other roaches that lead to more roaches and enable these roaches to spread around the house. They can be seen most often in attics or basements, but they go into the living areas of the house as well.

Roaches are part of a group called pests that can wreak havoc in a home and even cost a homeowner thousands of dollars. There are mice, which can chew through electrical wires. There are termites, which can eat away at walls. There are roaches, which can lead to a person getting an exterminator to get rid of the pests.

There are some statistics about roaches that are worth noting. They are:

  • Cockroaches spend 75% of their time resting.
  • Cockroaches can withstand temperatures as cold as 32 degrees.
  • A cockroach can live for seven days without its head.
  • Cockroaches can survive being submerged underwater for 30 minutes.
  • Cockroaches are believed to have originated more than 280 million years ago.

Roaches can terrorize a household. Roaches can hold a household hostage. Reason being is that they are stealthy creature which seem to have a revulsion within humans. Often, the site of a roach makes a person nauseous and sick, while also presenting a huge urge to take a shoe and smack the roach.

Pests in general can cause large amounts of damage financially. Often, they can cost thousands of dollars. A roach infestation can lead to a barrage of roaches in the house, which can lead to a person calling an exterminator, which will cost hundreds of dollars at the very least.

There are many reasons for this. An exterminator may use a variety of tools to get ride of the bests. Most notable among these are chemicals, which can be sprayed at the location where the roaches are hiding (usually in the walls), or the termites, which are eating away at the walls.

An exterminator might have other methods to get rid of mice, as mice are curious creatures that are interested in certain foods, like cheese. A mouse infestation can lead to electrical wiring being chewed, which is a major issue. A damaged electrical wire can lead to a shortage which damages an entire house. This can lead to thousands of dollars.

That’s thousands of dollars in damages.

An exterminator will likely first assess the situation. An exterminator will check all the locations in a house to determine where the problem is, then use a method to exterminate the pests. As said before, these can be chemicals but the extermination method can also be something like pellets or cheese traps.

Termites sometimes can cause the worst damage of the three pests mentioned. Termites eat away at walls and can multiply at a very quick rate. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage if parts of the walls have to replaced due to the fact that they are structurally unsound.

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If you were to have a roach problem, it is always possible to search for roach removal services near me and find a roach exterminator. Roaches are ugly creatures and can infect an entire house or a family with fear. Roach removal services near me is an option for someone looking to get rid of roaches.

Roach removal services near me will often pull up different options for a person to try. Roach removal services near me will often present different options or roach exterminators that are in the area. They may be good exterminators or bad exterminators. It is possible to look at the reviews and decide.

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