April Showers BringWet Basements Install a Sump Pump Today!

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April Showers BringWet Basements Install a Sump Pump Today!


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When rainstorms arrive, as they will be throughout this spring (except for maybe in California which is stuck in a severe drought), you might hustle through your home to close windows and make sure rain doesn’t get inside. However, you should also think about the basement, since it is generally the room in homes that is most likely to suffer from water leakage issues. Unfortunately, if you have an old home, moisture and the occasional wet spot might be unavoidable. While there are exterior foundation waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing techniques that can be used, sometimes, a little moisture is to be expected. But another, perhaps more effective solution, is to install a dependable basement sump pump.
One of the main reasons that basements leak is that the ground around them gets over-saturated during rainy periods. That water, simply put, needs to find someplace to go when it can’t get any deeper into the soil. As a result, it will work its way into foundation cracks and, in turn, your basement. By installing a basement sump pump, you’ll be able to pump excessive water away and be better able to keep the lower level of your room dry. If you have a finished basement and use it regularly, you might want to think about installing a dehumidifier as well that keeps the air dry and the space comfortable.
Pumping water away can be advantageous not only for keeping your basement comfortable, but for preventing long-term damage. Home foundation repairs can be costly and, the more damage is done, the more cumbersome and expensive the repair process will be. Because of that, you should try to protect your home from water damage and prevent the problem before it ever arises.
Even if you do have a basement sump pump, you should try to take steps to prevent immediate damage from happening if the area does flood. Take steps like keeping electronics and other expensive items raised off the ground and installing flooring that can handle a bit of moisture. That could save effort and money should a serious storm lead to water getting in.
Installing a new sump pump or investing in sump pump repairs is smart for every homeowner with a basement prone to water leaks during the spring months. Though heavy rains might already be here, it is never too late to protect yourself from significant damage. And, if you are hesitant to make the financial commitment, know that it will be quite worthwhile if it stops significant problems from developing. See this link for more references.

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