Adding Flare to Your Pool with Glass Tile

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Adding Flare to Your Pool with Glass Tile


Many people dream of having their very own at-home pool. The ability to go take a dip in your back yard whenever the desire arises is an appealing idea. However, if you’re lucky enough to already have a pool you might be looking for ways to make that space more visually appealing.

Swimming is great therapy and very relaxing, but this is less true if the space you’re swimming in is dull and unappealing. A beautiful space with vibrant design is much more soothing. One great way to add some flare and beauty to your pool is with porcelain glass pool tile.

There are plenty of ways you can use pool tile designs whether it’s on the steps, in the pool itself, or on the waterline. There are also a ton of different designs you can use.

Custom Mosaics

A great way to add a pop of beauty to your pool is to add a mosaic. Whether you want a mermaid mosaic or would prefer a dolphin or sea turtle, you can add a stunning porcelain glass picture that suits your tastes.

Regular tile designs can still be a great option, but a mosaic can transform your pool into a magical space.

Waterline Tile

A wonderful place to add color and design is along the waterline. An ornate blue lining with delicate designs can create a sophisticated and stunning look for your pool. There are endless options with this idea and you can even do small mosaic tiles all the way around.

Tile Stairs

You can even put porcelain glass tile on the steps leading into your pool for an extra pop of color and excitement. Boring white or stone steps don’t really catch the eye, but some aqua glass tile certainly will. This little addition will add a look of luxury that will tie the whole thing together.

Transform Your Pool Today

No more swimming in a boring and uninspiring space. Let your creativity run wild and design the pool of your dreams with mosaics, decorative waterlines, and eye-catching stairs. Create a space that is breath taking and relaxing for you and guests by adding porcelain glass tile to your pool today.

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