6 Things Construction Companies Want You to Know

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6 Things Construction Companies Want You to Know


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If you’ve ever needed to hire a garage door repair service or general contractors for something, you may be a little more familiar with the content of this article than others. Although, even if you’ve been through the process before, there may be a few things that are news to you. However, if hiring construction companies is something you have never done and are needing to look in to then there are a few things you should know before doing so. Here are some thing that construction companies want you to know:

  1. Do It Yourself Isn’t Always Best
    The whole DIY craze doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. There are many people who will look up a project online and try to duplicate it themselves. However, what usually ends up happening is rather than saving money, which is the point of DIY, the homeowner ends up having to shell out even more to get what they did fixed and then it done properly instead of just paying for it to be done right the first time. If you are looking for a general contractor, either you aren’t going the DIY route at all, or you already have and it needs to be fixed. Either way is fine, just realize that it may be a lot more expensive if you need your own work undone and redone.

  2. Demolition is Not the Answer
    While demolition is a necessary part of some projects, knocking stuff out and down is not always the solution to the problem or even necessary to the project. Demolition is a little more complex now because hazardous substances regulations have risen in recent years and professionals have to be more careful about demolition. This is definitely not something that is recommended to do yourself at any point. Always consult a professional before attempting any kind of demolition.

  3. Lead is a Huge No No
    Lead has some strict rules about it every since 2010. The EPA states that lead paint there must be total separation from the work area the living quarters as well as negative air machines and a lot of other methods and techniques when it has been used previously. If demolition needs to take place then only people who have been trained and qualified to preform demolition in the presence of lead are allowed to be involved.

  4. Knowing the Code Helps
    Construction companies understand that building codes can be a tricky thing but if you are familiar with them, it can help out your contractor when he can and can’t do certain things because of violating building codes. You’d be surprised at how many people argue with construction companies because they want a certain height ceiling or too narrow of a doorway and the company isn’t able to do so, legally.

  5. How You Can Save a Little Money
    If you want to save some money, then go ahead and buy the materials yourself. Any lighting fixtures or appliances or tile or whatever the project entails. Just make sure that you get an expert to help you with measurements, etc. that you will need. However, don’t attempt the actual work. Leave that to the professionals. They know what they’re doing and have the experience and expertise to do it right and properly.

  6. These Things Take Time
    Homeowners tend to leave a very narrow window of time in which they want their project to completed. It’s helpful if you understand that projects take time to complete if you want the job done correctly. Consult with your general contractor about his opinion of how long the job will take before setting any parameters or stipulations about time. A good contractor will give you an honest estimate of how long the work will take without taking advantage of your time or money. You can always cross reference their quotes with other companies if you feel the need.

    Knowing and adhering to these simple points will help out your contractor immensely. Many times people will hire a company and then try to tell them how to do their job. Instead, lay out your ideas and plans and let them do their part to help you make your dreams become a true reality in your own home.

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