5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Custom Bathroom Cabinets

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Custom Bathroom Cabinets


Custom bathroom vanities

If you’re remodeling or building a new bathroom, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is what kind of cabinets you want: stock, semi-custom or custom. Custom wood bathroom cabinets will cost the most out of all these options, of course, but they’ll also last longer and add more value to your home. If you’re going to spring for the best custom bathroom cabinets, then you should deliberate carefully and ensure you’re making choices that will serve you well for years to come — after all, custom bathroom vanities don’t get changed out that often, with the average vanity staying in place for about two decades. Here are some tips on designing your custom wood cabinets:

  1. Think About Moisture Damage

    In a high-moisture and high-heat environment like a bathroom, materials matter. Some will crack and warp, while others will absorb too much water and degrade quickly. Be sure to talk to your cabinet provider about which kind of wood or engineered product is best suited to your bathroom.

  2. Be Realistic About Your Cleaning

    Before you opt for a detailed vanity, think about the dust, grime and germs that can build up in all that beautiful, intricate woodwork. Are you up to the cleaning it will take to keep such cabinetry sanitary and looking great? If not, then sleek, simple cabinetry may be a better choice (and will look equally high-end if done right). The best custom bathroom cabinets for you should cater to all your habits — even if that means a less-than-ideal cleaning schedule.

  3. Take Height Into Account

    If you’re getting custom made cabinets, you might as well make sure they’re functional for the people who will be using the bathroom in question. The standard height of cabinets has increased in recent years to about 34 inches, and can even go up to 36 inches (the height of most kitchen countertops).

  4. Remain Consistent in Styling

    Especially since bathroom remodels are often done separately from updating in the rest of the home, it’s important you make sure the style is consistent throughout your entire living space. You don’t want an ultra-sleek modern bathroom if the rest of your house is French Country.

  5. Maximize Medicine Cabinets

    While you may put most of your attention into your lower cabinets, don’t underestimate the newest generation of simple medicine cabinets. These are deeper than their old-fashioned counterparts, and can even contain electrical plugs for gadgets such as electric toothbrushes and shavers.

Do you have any tips on choosing the best custom bathroom cabinets? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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