Key Facts about Nuts and Bolts

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Key Facts about Nuts and Bolts


Stainless steel nuts and bolts

If you are a homeowner or just someone who likes to work on various do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, then you probably know all about the different kinds of big nuts and bolts. These tools have been around for a long time and are key to many household projects because they hold together the bases of many kinds of structures. The industry that manufactures these types of tools is huge because the demand for these tiny pieces is so big. In fact, there are over 4,000 screw, nut and bolt manufacturers across the nation, and these companies employ around 115,000 people. Bolt manufacturers, in many ways, hold together the foundation of this country’s buildings and infrastructure.

Bolt and nut supplies in the United States generate up to $27 billion in revenue each year, which shows how truly substantial this industry is. These businesses are key to making things like square head bolts, brass nuts and bolts and heavy hex bolts that are used in various applications every single day. Another thing these companies specialize in is the production of custom bolts, because with so many uses for different types of jobs, there are often requests for a special kind of bolt that serves a unique purpose. If you are someone who is interested in the many uses for square head bolts, then keep reading to learn more about the right way to use these little handy tools.

Use nuts and bolts to hold things together
This is the first thing you should know, because many people have even heard about the term “nuts and bolts” but it’s not always clear what the purpose of these tools are. They are almost always used to hold together various pieces of hardware, so if you need to keep two pieces together and you are thinking of using a tiny screw, consider checking out some nuts and bolts at your local hardware store.

A bolt is the same thing as a screw
Lots of people are confused when they hear the term bolt and think that it is some obscure thing that needs special equipment to use. The good news is, even unique tools like square head bolts can be used with the right nut that is meant to go with their size and shape.

Always use a bolt with a nut
You don’t always need to use a nut with a bolt, because these screws are strong enough to hold themselves to the piece to which they are attached. However, nuts are a circular or square piece that can only be used if they are attached to a bolt because they fit around the bolt to hold it in place and even sometimes give it more security.

Make sure you get the right size
This is key when you are working with nuts and bolts because you really need to have the exact size for the job you are doing. If you have a size that is close or that seems to be right, it might not work so make sure you measure the size before you make a purchase.

Choose pieces that are strong enough
This is important because you don’t want to choose a tool that is too weak for your project because then the whole thing could fall apart and it won’t work.

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