3 Most Important Home Additions for Your House Remodeling Project

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3 Most Important Home Additions for Your House Remodeling Project


Home renovations and upgrade are common and many homeowners consider some either partial or whole home renovations at some point during their time as home owners. If you are thinking about expanding your home then partnering with a local remodeling contractors can be the best choice you make during the entire project.

Whether you are thinking about adding a single room, expanding the size of your entire home., or something else, a local contractor can be an invaluable asset to you. They can help you add on family room features or estimate the add room over garage cost that you should budget for ahead of time. They can assist with other project as well such as refinishing rooms and remodeling your home’s interior.

You may be thinking about adding a bathroom to a home or considering the overall factors for adding a bedroom to a house cost. Whether you are planning and whatever your needs are, a skilled and experience contractor can make all the difference in the world. These professionals can work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the result you want.


Home additions

Most houses are in dire need of additional floor spaces, it’s only that people adjust and get comfortable with whatever space they have. In reality, you can do more with little home additions like expanding the existing floor space or simply adding an extra room in the house. Ideally, a home addition is an option for growing families. Perhaps when you bought your house you only had one child, but years down the line the family has grown and now you are dealing with adults. Space has become an issue and you are thinking of selling the house in order to buy a bigger one. This option usually has its limitations, many homeowners would agree. But with a home addition, you can breathe new space to the house and comfortably accommodate your family. You can as well turn it into a study room, guest bedroom or entertainment room.

When you are picking out the best home additions for your house, there are plenty of options to consider. Depending on several factors like cost, return on investment, necessity and market value, you’d want to carefully want to examine each kind of remodels to get value for your money. In addition, it’s important to consider how functional the extra room is going to be, not just for you, but for others who may want to buy the house.

Home additions come in an array of designs and types. And the cost of remodeling your house to install an extra space will often be based on factors such as project complexity and room features. If you are thinking of adding a second story to your house, this will cost you more than having a home addition done on your ground floor. The good thing about spaces extensions is their diversity. You can have them creatively designed to match the existing theme in your house or request a unique style that suits your own preference.

The following are some of the common home additions options you may consider for your house

New room
Also know as a bump out enlargement, this is a type of home addition where an entirely new room is built into a pre-existing structure. It could mean home renovation projects such as kitchen, living room or bathroom remodeling. However, an extra room will mean you have to spend more on additional wiring, roofing, air condition and plumbing system. But when compared to buying a larger house, an extra space is worth it. Room additions can either be mounted on a pre-existing house foundation or on posts depending on its location.

Garage addition
Not enough space in your house? What about that old garage you barely use since you prefer packing your vehicle at the front yard. The garage is one space that can be easily converted into a more useful room like a bedroom. Why is this option so interesting? Because the box is already there, readily available with foundation and structure, the project becomes simpler and less costly. For those looking to create more space for their cars, garage addition can be an ideal option for them. But keep in mind that, garage conversion entails a whole lot more process. These could involve removal of garage door and windows, flooring, ceiling works, dry wall and paint work. However you want to convert your garage, be sure it complements your home features like roof and walls.

A conservatory represents a room normally used as a garden for plants and flora. This is an extension room mainly built of glass, wood or metal frames and is connected to the home via glass doors and large windows. Similar to sunrooms, conservatory rooms are ideal for sunbathing and utmost relaxation. The great flora detail offers the room a more cozy appeal for any season.

These few home additions choices are great for different house style, whether it’s a contemporary, transition or a modern themed house. Home remodeling is also a nice way to increase the resale value of your house considering both bathroom and kitchen renovations have an average return on investment of about 86.4% and 82.7% respectively.


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