How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Company in Tampa

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How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Company in Tampa


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As a Tampa homeowner, at some point through the years you are going to need to contact a good air conditioning company. About 75% of homes in the US have air conditioning systems but about 86% of homes in Florida have AC. It can be a difficult call to make as many people feel air conditioning repair can be one of the highest expenses for your home, except perhaps needing a new roof. Fortunately, a call to a Tampa AC company does not always equate to needing a complete overall of your system. Sometimes it can actually just be a small fix that can help to extend the life of your unit. Here are a few tips for choosing the best air conditioning company in Tampa so you can feel confident you are getting great service.

1) They return your calls quickly. If they don’t answer your phone call right away, which is ideal, they at least get back to you quickly, preferably within a few hours.

2) The Tampa AC repair company gives you a full quote for services before they start working on your systems. Having a quote helps you know what your costs are going to be without any surprises.

3) The air conditioning repair company knows how to take care of your home respectfully. This means that they don’t come walking into your living room with dirty boots. Maybe they wear booties or offer to remove their boots. Or they might have you step outside to the unit to discuss your options.

4) They truly know AC repair and don’t immediately suggest a new unit for every call. Sometimes all that is needed is maintenance or a simple repair to avoid having to completely replace an AC unit. If your unit is over 10 years old, you should consider replacement though as it could reduce your energy costs by up to 20%. Units usually last between 10-15 years before you need to get a new one.

5) They offer a quality ac maintenance plan that is affordable. Most homeowners know that they should be having their air conditioning system maintained but take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality due to high maintenance charges. A good ac repair company will offer a maintenance plan with service two times per year that is affordable and helps you to keep your system operating longer.

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