3 Factors That Increase The Cost Of Lot Clearing

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3 Factors That Increase The Cost Of Lot Clearing


The cost of clearing land depends on the type of lot clearing service you’re looking to have done and the specifics that go into that service. That means you could pay either a few hundred dollars or several thousand based on several factors from bad weather to how many trees there are populating your land.

To help you get a better idea of where lot clearing costs come from, here are five factors that can up your lot clearing costs.

  1. The permitting process: You need a permit before you can clear land. This is especially true if you’re clearing a large piece of land. You’re most likely going to foot the bill for the permitting process if your lot clearing service is incurring the costs associated with local zoning and the planning department.
  2. The size of the land: The cost to clear land is typically a specific price per square footage. That means the more square footage there is that needs to be cleared, the more expensive the lot clearing service will be. Costs can also increase depending on the number of trees you have on your land. The more trees there are, the longer it takes to clear the lot.
  3. Haulage and disposal: During the lot clearing process, contractors need to remove unnecessary waste products from the project site as they go. How they remove these products can impact the overall price of your lot clearing. Conventional tools typically keep haulage and disposal costs low. But it can take longer to clear away waste products if contractors need to do a lot of the work by hand, which will ultimately increase the price.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your Redding CA lot clearing service including bad weather and clean-up. By understanding how these factors impact your pricing, you can have a better understanding of just where those costs are coming from.

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