15 Tips to Remodel Instead of Sell your Home

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15 Tips to Remodel Instead of Sell your Home


Owning a home is a great accomplishment, and with a booming housing market and new subdivisions popping up, it’s always a great time to buy a home in order to build up equity. Unfortunately, sometimes houses are bought when they are in less-than-great shape, or are damaged by accidents such as fires or natural inclement weather. In addition, your home could start off in great shape, but the cost and piling repairs simply are too much for you to keep up with.

To Sell or Fix

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of routine maintenance in your home. Sometimes, due to physical ailments or any other reason, this might not be possible, leaving you to wonder if it’s best to sell a home in rough shape. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the cost of repairs on your home, or simply aren’t able to get the right kind of help to fix your home, leave it to the professionals to sell your home and get the burden off your shoulders. However, routine maintenance, knowing how to remodel your home, and a little bit of research is the best way to fix a problem before it gets out of hand.

Planning on House Flipping

There’s many reasons people choose to flip houses. If you happen to inherit a home that was in bad shape, it’s a good idea to go over your options before simply selling it off. Inheriting a home is the best-case scenario for house-flipping, as it costs you no money and just a little bit of paperwork and legal help. However, if you plan on spending your money to flip a house, know that this process is a lot different than buying a new home altogether. For starters, buying a home in rough shape and then flipping it costs more money upfront. The time to pay back a loan for a flipped home is also a lot less, usually only one year, and the interest rates are higher than a traditional home loan.

how to remodel your home

Making a Decision

Whether you inherited a home, are flipping a house, or simply want to know how to remodel your home before deciding to sell it, simple maintenance and renovations can go a long way in helping the value of your home increase. Here are 15 home renovation tips to fix your damaged home, and all can add comfort and appeal if you decide to sell your home. Get the advice of the best building contractors, and set-up a budget that makes sense. If these renovations are more than you can afford, it might be a better idea to get the help of a realtor to help you break even on your home.

1. HVAC Repair

The quality of the air inside your home cannot be underestimated. Whether your home is damaged, or simply just old and in need of repairs, getting HVAC services is an important part of maintaining the health of your overall home.

Luckily, home air conditioning service doesn’t have to be expensive, whether or not your home is newer or older. For older homes which you’re iffy on selling, a high-velocity, mini-duct HVAC system can help give you the clean air you need while also maintaining the look of an old home. You decide how to remodel your home, or if you want to sell it. In either case, fixing your HVAC system is extremely simple and effective.

2. Roofing

Roofing can be expensive, especially if your roof has been damaged by winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, or extreme flooding. But, a damaged roof shouldn’t be enough to make you want to sell your home. On average, residential roofing and the cost of a new roof starts at about 10,000 dollars. Still, it’s important to maintain and replace your roof and any damaged tiles as soon as you notice any issues. One of the most important parts of knowing how to remodel your home is knowing when to replace your roof. Small issues such as leaks, inadequate flashing, and cracked tiles can all grow to be big issues really fast.

3. Flooring

More than 5.3 million homes were sold in 2019. Of those homes, the easiest to sell were those with hardwood flooring. If you have a home that’s in need of repairs, and are wondering what to use as flooring, opt for a natural, easy to maintain wood floor instead of carpet. Though carpet is a great option for cold winter months, it can be difficult to maintain and be considered a hassle to future homebuyers. If your home now has damaged carpet or wood flooring, there’s no need to start looking at selling your home right away. Wood flooring can be installed relatively easily, and existing wood flooring can be repaired quickly with professional help.

how to remodel your home

4. Electrical Work

If you want to know how to remodel your home to keep it safe, look no further than remodeling and repairing damaged and old electrical work. Many old houses, or houses that have been in a natural disaster such as an earthquake, might have faulty electrical work you might not even be aware of. If you feel your home is dangerous, don’t take the risk or sell it off without knowing what’s wrong first. Electrical repairs can be done by an experienced electrician, who must check to see there are no shorts, damaged electrical lines, or risks of fire.

5. Flood Damage Repair

Damage to your home resulting from flooding can be devastating. It can affect the very foundation of your home, your basement, and if severe enough, the actual rooms in your home. If left untreated, flood damage can result in mold and wood rot, which can invite termites and lead to serious illness. Flooding is a serious problem, and it can sometimes lead to damage that is simply too much to repair. You should also consider the location of your home, and if it is prone to flooding. Areas that suffer from hurricanes are situated next to rivers or banks that are prone to flooding, are all major factors that can lead to a damaged home. Talk to your insurance agents for the best advice on flood protection for your home. If not, consider initiating repairs as soon as possible.

6. Fire Damage Repair

Similar to floods, another big cause of total home damage is that of fires. Fires usually occur in homes that are situated in high-desert or chaparral areas, in states such as California which is prone to extreme drought and heat. Unfortunately, a fire can also occur as a result of an accident or even intentionally. Before you know how to remodel your home damaged by fire, it’s important to inspect whether the home is safe to enter. If your home cannot be entered safely, then it’s best to again talk to insurance agents for some options. However, if your home is safe, and you feel it is best to repair, consider the costs. It usually costs about $15,000 in fire damage restoration to fully repair a fire-damaged home. This includes water cleanup, chemical repair from extinguishers, soot removal, and smoke damage restoration.

7. Insulation

Insulation in a home has made lots of changes throughout the years. One of the earliest forms of insulation was that of asbestos, which later was proved to have devastating health effects such as cancer. If you want to know how to remodel your home to replace faulty insulation, consider going off of R-Values. These R-Values vary city by city and for each home, and tell you the thickness your insulation must be. If you found out your home has inadequate or older insulation, get it checked for mold or asbestos. Once your home is considered safe, it’s easy to replace insulation with the help of professionals. If your home is still cold after new insulation, consider getting residential heating repair services to help your home stay warm.

8. Painting

how to remodel your home

Interior and exterior paint can make or break a home sale. But, most people don’t realize how easy it can be to simply paint the exterior of a home, and even work on painting the inside of a home’s walls. Although it might take a little bit of expert help to get the details down, painting a home can be an easy, relatively inexpensive project that can completely change the look of your home and add value. If you want to know how to remodel your home to look more modern, some simple internet searches can yield great results. A black and white scheme with light gray touches can make your home more modern. You don’t have to sell your home just because the paint is coming off. Some simple caulking, sanding and high quality paint can make all the difference.

9. Basement or Attic Renovations

A basement or attic can be great additions to any home, and having one in your home can be a great selling point for future homebuyers. However, basements and attics are both prone to several issues that if left untreated can prove costly. Some of these issues include mold in both the basement and attic, buckling basement walls, inadequate insulation and pests among other things. These issues can quickly grow to make a basement and attic a problem instead of an attractive luxury. In order to know how to remodel your home to make use of these fantastic extra spaces, make sure to first get your basement and attic examined by a professional. Basement remodeling and attic remodeling can both turn your spaces into luxury lofts and dens.

10. Pool Restoration

A pool is a must-have for any home and can be an attractive selling-point for homebuyers that want to entertain. If you have a pool but fail to take care of it, it, unfortunately, can lead to a hassle more than an amenity. Poor circulation and algae growth are some of the more common issues that can prove to be an annoyance. However, don’t get discouraged if you have to drain your pool and start from scratch. Pool repair services can come in to do maintenance on your pool and prevent issues from arising. If you don’t have a pool but still want one, pool installation services can range from 11 to 21 thousand dollars. Budget to see how to remodel your home and get your dream pool in your backyard.

11. Garage Renovation

Adding a garage is a great way to remodel your home, and can add value even if your home is older. Garage door service repair and garage renovations can be a good way to transform your garage into a storage paradise. Shelving and updated security systems on your garage can also be a great way to keep your cars and toys safe inside.

12. Outside Siding

Siding outside of a home can become damaged over time, but this isn’t necessarily enough to sell your home. Siding can easily be replaced and can mimic the look of rustic homes, come in different colors, and add a layer of protection to your home. Siding installation services are easy to obtain and relatively cheap as well.

how to remodel your home

13. Foundation

Your homes foundation is essential for the safety and overall structure of your home. If your foundation is damaged, many times a city will not permit anyone to live within the home, and you will need to repair your foundation as soon as possible. Problems with your foundation can be seen through foundation cracks, settling, or upheaval. In addition, sinking floors can also be signs of a failing foundation. Foundation contractors should be called in immediately to assess the issue, and fix it before the damage becomes too great and you must abandon your home.

14. Window and Door Renovations

Windows and doors can last you for generations, but even the most well-maintained doors and windows must be replaced eventually. These windows and doors can show signs of wear and tear, and problems in their integrity can lead to high energy costs, and even an entrance point for potential burglars. Though damaged windows and doors might look like they’re difficult to fix and could discourage you from keeping your home, windows, and doors can easily be fitted into your home.

15. Landscaping

Landscaping can discourage you from buying a home, and can even cause you to sell it since it seems so overwhelming. Luckily, if you want to know how to remodel your home and fix your landscaping, it’s relatively easy and can even save you money in the long run! Consider installing a landscape that is easy to maintain, such as wood chips, doesn’t require too much water, and also looks great year-round. Set-ups such as cactuses are beautiful, modern, and can add value to the home as well, all while saving you on water costs.

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