Why Use a Telehandler?

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Why Use a Telehandler?


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What is a Telehandler?
Telehandlers are very useful pieces of machinery that can be used in several different types of industries. They go by several different names. Some of these names are multipurpose handlers or cranes or telescopic forklift among others. This heavy machinery piece is a type of lift much like a forklift. However, Telehandlers have the ability to be fitted with different attachments that can be used for different types of loads like boom lifts. They are not as limited as forklifts and are not limited to sole use in the construction zone. Often times, telehandlers are used in agriculture and other industries.

What is Needed to Use One?
In order to get a telehandler rental you do need to have the proper licensing. Telehandler rentals do fall under the high risk work license category but only if they are able to lift more than three tons. You will either need a slewing or non slewing depending on whether or not the machine slews. There may be some regulations about training and licensing depending on state regulations. In order to be able to partake in high risk work projects, The person or the business has to get a permit, register all required equipment and obtain any and all licenses or certificates for the type of work they are doing and machines that will be used. If there is any training required, this needs to be done before anyone steps foot in the machine.

How Much Do They Cost?
Telehandler rentals are not cheap but they can vary in price depending on several different factors. The cost is approximately anywhere from $15,000-$60,000 depending on its ability, how long it’ll be running and the general condition of the machine. You can get telehandler rentals on a daily basis, weekly or monthly and that will also play a part in the final price. It mainly depends on how much the telehandler can lift. For example a telehandler that lifts around 5000 pounds will be cheaper than one that can lift 10,000 or 11,000 pounds. Local prices will also vary from city to city and with each company.

How are they Better than Forklifts?
Well for one they are much more versatile. The reason they’re so popular in mining and construction and even agriculture industries is because they have the ability to work cranes and lift trucks. They can perform both large and small jobs on various different settings. Overall, telehandlers are much more adaptable. Also, a telehandler forklift is able to load upward as well as forward which is much more than a traditional forklift can do. Although they are large, these machines are easy to move and are able to be positioned quickly and with ease. They can move people, materials or even both at the same time without wasting any time.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?
One of the main reasons why you would rent rather than buy a telehandler is the same as why you would rent anything instead of buying it; how often you use it. If you were going to use the machine very often then buying would be a better idea because although the cost initially would be more expensive, it would pay for itself eventually. However if this is a one time usage paying almost $100,000 for a good telehandler is much more than you would pay to rent it for a couple of weeks. Being able to rent ensures a good machine because it’s up to the renting company to upkeep and maintain the machines and the worker doesn’t have to worry about that part.

As with any kind of machinery that is used in construction or an industry like that,you have to make sure that you are following all the safety regulations that are in place. Any kind of safety policy or rule that comes along with using telehandlers must be adhered to by everyone involved. This will keep everyone save and protected during high risk work. If even one worker does not follow the important policies that have been put in place, this could not only jeopardize the work itself, but it could also put the workers and other around the site in grave danger. Employee safety should be the number one concern, no matter what type of work is being done.

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