Why Central Air is Worth the Investment

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Why Central Air is Worth the Investment


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The summer is not quite out of our sight yet, though the temperatures have noticeably dropped in the evenings in some parts of the country. Even still, air conditioners are probably running 24 hours a day in most households, trying to keep homeowners as cool as possible.

The problem with this is that even reliable heating and air conditioning parts will need replacement or HVAC repair services at some point. The air filter may become clogged, the coil may rust, and the fan could stop working from overuse.

This may turn people toward individual heating and air units that you can fit into windows, or portable ones, but these heating and air units are not necessarily the best option.

Here are a few reasons why central heating and air conditioning is beneficial.

  • Whole-House Comfort. When you have independent units hung in the windows, you have to get at least a handful of them if you want to be able to keep your house cool in the summer. This may not even do the trick if you have a large living room or bedroom. With central air, the entire home will be filled with cooler air through the vents, and be able to circulate in a way that provides your home with optimal comfort.
  • Less Noise. The soft hum of your outdoor air conditioning fan is preferable to the loud grumbling noises that window units and portable ones make. There’s no need for you to have to shout across the room at a family member just to have a conversation, which may be the case with a window unit that is set to high.
  • Less Humidity. Not only is a central air unit supposed to cool your air, it is also designed to reduce the level of humidity in the air. The warm air is sent through the return vents, and when the air reaches the evaporator coils, it is cooled and pushed back out again. You won’t be able to accomplish this with a portable unit — you’ll feel the cool air come out of it, but the humidity will still be there.

Even though window units may be cheaper to buy, you will probably save more money in the long run by investing in a central system. It doesn’t hurt that you will be a whole lot more comfortable too. Learn more at this link.

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